The necrotic people of the realm are noted for having two distinct species within their fold. The first is the jackal-eared and tailed kin known as the Burseti'khlani, and the second is more feline known as the Peur'skar. This society is patriarchal in structure. The women are often treated as second-class citizens, except if they pursue academic or religious positions within their metropolis. They currently dwell within Hearth of the Earth and the Boneyard. Their race deems itself to be the pinnacle of evolution, often sneering down on the other groups with a sense of resentment.  They are often known for exercising necromancy, believing that the dead should serve the living. Raising their fallen to join their undead guard force, as they think that the soulless husk needs to be maintained so their loved ones may look on their offspring with glee, observing their advancements. As a result, they have specialized in various embalming methods.

As a people, they rarely get involved or attack other races unless provoked. The gnolls and wulfgar especially view them as dark sorcerers. This species is very reserved, sending out dark acolytes into the sands to dig through countless ruins, as archaeology and forgotten arts are their strength. Their people are terrified of djinns and thus believe them to be omens of calamity or disseminators of destruction. They will offer sacrifices and gifts to appease these mischievous spiritual beings. However, they are not against kidnapping or purchasing lesser species to dissect their carcasses and add some fleshy bits to their thralls. Their admiration for anatomy led them to delve through their tissue with the ambitions to further their edification.