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Speed ( Quick Thinking / Dexterity ) 
Due to her elven ancestry, she can draw on her innate magical energy to magnify the speed at which her hands can react, which transcends that of any mere mortal by two-fold. She uses this frequently to draw out her blade with uncanny, fluid movements to ward off attackers. Meanwhile, her max movement speed is 25 mph. This has been honed due to her love for cardiovascular activities, such as sprinting and hiking across the arid badlands.

Her genetics, coupled with strenuous training, has amplified her strength to 2x stronger than her human equivalents. The increase in muscle density to make this possible, also, in turn, makes her muscular system more durable than your average mortals. Though this structural boost is unable to thwart a Warhammer, explosive force and her organs make her just as susceptible as her human counterparts from an endurance standpoint. Tahira, can hoist 400lbs and still navigate her environment with a mild restriction to her speed.

Her body can bend, twist, and morph in ways that only the most skilled contortionist or gymnast could ever achieve while in a natural state. This elven trait permits her spine to bend 10 degrees further, and her limbs are double-jointed, allowing for further manipulation if the need arises. The elf can also maintain her balance across tight ropes. These skills were honed through arduous sessions with her Mother, Faaria, who was a skilled acrobatic during her extended time as a wandering carney.

Her hearing is three times greater than that of your typical human, permitting her to get the general location of her foe even when her vision and other senses are robbed. Ears are 3x resilient to sound as well to prevent the eardrum from being blown out. This sense can be foiled due to noise pollution and by extension, natural acoustics such as the reverberating effect of a cave.

Stillness (Vocational learned from Matsumota)

 The Devante art is passed down from generation to generation of the line. A potent ability that grants the user the ability to sense magical properties with semi clarity. This means that while she can sense something is coming, the exact nature, velocity, angle, mass, or intent of the attack remains obscured. Imagine it like that of the hairs of a fly, while it informs the host of a coming attack or intruder, it doesn't provide a perfectly clear vision of the source. The second effect is the ability to suppress one's own Chi to a near 0, coming off as unimpressive. The mask fades whenever an attack is ready to be made. Making it so the target has a far limited time to react when contrasted to most users of the arcane/spiritual arts. When achieving this state of mind, the body emits a soft white outline increasing its visibility within the battlefield. 


-Combative skills.- 


Tahira primarily utilizes the element of plasma and binding (Summoning) as a secondary school, which she melds with her ensorcelled blade to formulate a unique fighting style. The weapon itself, due to witcheries, is capable of either shrinking down to 5ft or elongating to a max of 15ft. All of her abilities dimensions are added on top of her reach. This elf, being a mix between a martial combatant and sorceress, takes advantage of the arcane with the aim of bolstering her already efficient fighting technique. 


Notwithstanding what you've been taught, there are more than three states of matter, plasma being the fourth. This substance severely blisters and will dissolve its way deeply into the flesh if left untreated. Applying water or any fluid will have adverse consequences, given the characteristics of this material. Any armor will provide zero protection unless unconducive. These attacks will consume wooden structures/barricades. Bone, however, has a high tolerance to heat and will prevail unaffected.


Any residue material left behind will linger for two turns before cooling unless on the skin. Tahira can touch the plasmatic leftovers with her hands or blade, and shift them into a gas; however, this doesn't work in reverse. The byproduct allows her to appropriate them as environmental hazards. When it comes to her well-being, the inquisitor isn't affected by the plasma. To understand why, if mages fell prey to the thermal consequences of their attacks, mustering a fireball would cover the extremity (At least) in third-degree burns.


Voltaic crescent- A horizontal or vertical slash of plasma energy in gas form imitating the blade's movements will be discharged. The light purple haze will oscillate as it travels, electrical sparks firing within the approaching storm if it connects to a target; this skill will cause third-degree burns and will slip into gaps of armor. And if the armor is conductive, the electrical byproduct will simulate that of a taser. The attack is 10 ft long/high depending on the angle of the swing, it is ten feet in thickness, traveling up to 80 ft in length from the tip of her sword before dissipating. It can be stopped at any point and will linger in place. Can be used once every three turns, three times in a fight.


Plasmatic wave- The exterminator will coat their ensorcelled blade or hand in vibrant "strands" of plasma. This vivid current will form into a wave that, upon swinging their weapon it will unleash in a dazzling torrent. This discharge takes on the shape of a rivulet and will swerve almost as if silk. This skill can also be discharged from her free hand to emit a comparable effect escaping from her fingers. This superheated energy will scorch exposed flesh on contact while providing an electrical discharge effect that will lock the adversary's muscles. Its maximum reach is 60t in length with a total width of 20ft. Can be used once every three turns, three times in a fight.

Flashbang- The samurai will clench her fist, assembling a compact ball of plasma. The light within will be focused on a singular point within the epicenter. As she releases her grasp and extends her hand outward, the attack will explode, producing a dazzling light. The concussive force will knock a foe back, disorienting them as their ears ring, air knocked out of their lungs, and prompting hemorrhaging due to the force of the impact. The light itself won't blind unless they gaze undeviatingly into the core of the blast. The ignition will blow away environmental hazards such as fire and gases. Any explosive force will bend around shielding the user from the shockwave. Traverses in a cone-shape pattern from the hand, progressing 50ft, with a max breadth of 25ft at its broadest point. Can be used four times in a fight and once every two turns.

Proton field- Tahira will draw on her mastership over the arcane to charge her ensorcelled blade with her energy. The implement of her craft will become layered in a thin film of multihued plasma. The weapon will burn on touch, removing bleeding due to the cauterization of the wound. As a bonus, she can use the added layer to deflect magic beams up to three inches thick and negate magical projectiles upward of 6 inches on contact. It will persist for three turns upon activation, requiring a two-turn cooldown in between uses. Able to be employed thrice per fight. This enchantment can ONLY be applied to her signature weapon.

(Equipment)Claws of the dragon-  Due to her enchantment on her blade in conjunction with binding, She can run her Chi through it and retract or extend its reach from a healthy 5-15ft. Employing her immense strength and dexterity to slash the elongated weapon with incredible speed and fluidity. The handle itself has an empty slot when drawing; within this vacant space, her Chi gathers, activating the runes engraved within the wrappings. From this unoccupied hole, her summoned blade emerges. This skill can ONLY be applied to her signature weapon. The sword itself is comparable to steel in tensile strength, and once shattered, takes three turns to reform. Disarming her will disperse the armament, imparting the same full three turn cd restriction. (Unlimited use as long as the blade is in her hand.)

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