Bovinites are a magically proficient race. They originated from the womb of Samara. Given this familial structure, the parents do not see their spawn as offspring, instilling a Darwinian meritocracy in them. Meanwhile, the children do not recognize their mothers as parents but as "godlike" leaders; they remain faithful to them with the utmost fervor. Only those that ascend the ladder of chaos are bequeathed the term son or daughter, flaunted around as an accolade of achievement. All bovinites aspire to hold this coveted title, but the path to reclamation is quite arduous. It is believed that by purging out the feeble and usurping the complacent, their house will persist for perpetuity.  Despite being born of royal lineage, their only inheritance is the dirt.


Through wars, conquest, and ordeals, weakness can be shed, allowing their kind to brave the iniquity of despondency alone. Within this cult-like society, murder is legal if one can elude detection during the act despite suspicions or evidence within their vocational fields. The children of this family seeing cutthroat tactics as essential toward their ascension. While grisly, this antagonistic drive has facilitated the cream of the crop to lord over their lesser brethren. Marriage is based on the notion of dominance, where the most potent mate charges any lover to yield under their yoke. Once offspring are conceived, they are brought to Samara and pledge a solemn vow. Upon expiration, their remains are reanimated and join the Eternal House's undead legion to toil as soldiers and slaves continuously for their failures.


Cheating, lying, stealing, all seen as tolerable when applied toward the evolution of their station. For a master to die to their apprentice is seen as one of the few honors their kind can achieve in life. Culturally, despite seeming selfish, their studious and magical pursuits are fixated down a single path, strengthening their family. Currently, they reside in Nirvana, a capital of sin and vice, and specialize in the production of drugs and alchemical reagents. They utilize brothels, casinos, and other such depraved establishments as a way to funnel income to their family's coffers with the hopes of reconstructing their dominion. They see all those outside their borders as customers, exchanging lascivious wants and mercenary services to extort coins from their pockets. If you wish to circumvent their wrath, it is customary to pay protection tribute. They are known for squashing out any economical competitors with the hopes of maintaining their monopoly. Either through the employment of force or less apparent methods.

Faction- The Eternal House.

Leader- The Mistress of Sin.