Throughout the history of the world, these mystic entities were portrayed as sources of omens. This paranoia fostered the belief that they must remain hidden given the intense bigotry of this rancours world. Djinns masquerade visually as other races as a means of camouflage. Upon molding their bodily lamp, they are unable to shift its appearance. Like any sentient life, these entities are capable of being good or evil. The totality of the moral spectrum and philosophy is available to them. The accepted dogma of their nefarious nature are myths propagated by people around campfires frightful of the unknown—that insipid need to impute the foreigner for travesties instead of looking inward.


Initially, they enter the physical domain as wholly vulnerable beings tethered to a physical object where they lurk and develop like a fetus, awarding wishes to mortals as a mechanism for passing the time. The breadth of their capacity is limited by what they know and what they can achieve. If the request surpasses this, the Djinn will place the individual in a coma and slowly watch as they wilt away for their avarice. The terms of the contract are entirely under their control and can fluctuate wildly depending on the person. After time passes, they will transcend to an ifrit. This metamorphosis will sanction them the ability to tether to a space (This inspired many hauntings.) or an object where they are unable to deviate far from their "roots."


During these two stages, if the objects are destroyed, they will dissipate into nothingness or if their bodies are ravaged like any corporeal coil. The Djinn will then reach an impasse and a fork, here they may diverge under two paths. Firstly, a charmer. They rejected their otherworldly origins and imitated earthly life—trading off their powers for a simple existence. While considerably more laborious, the opposite path will ascend them to a Grand Djinn where the body itself becomes the anchor incarnate. The fact they are living batteries has led many mages and scholars to seek after them for insidious ambitions. Condensing their very being into a jewel akin to a philosopher's stone to amplify their magical abilities.


This has facilitated paranoia within their ranks, promoting subterfuge to repel the sentiment they are anything but ordinary. Primarily they've found asylum within Memoria and the roving Gypsies. Memoria because of its isolation and acceptance of such unearthly constructs. And the roving bands of bohemians for few assume such mirthful entertainers to house such creatures. Culturally, they espouse wherever they are assimilated with the expectations it will thwart snooping gazes.