The drumvar inhabit the mountains along the jungle's edges; they are a reclusive lot, preferring to stick to their meditations. Living within their dung homes built into the cliffs, most tend to keep their distance due to their putrid odor. The beetle folk fancies seeing their redolence as an acquired taste. They relish this minimalistic approach, given they value humility. As a species, bragging is frowned on, as it is a display of incivility. They use their fecal homes to grow mushrooms, which they consume as their primary diet. As a people, they hold to an unusual philosophy that reality is a dream and that through constant internal scrutiny, one can awake from the cycle of slumbers.

The concept of good and evil are weighed via scales, holding judgment until they can witness an action's ramifications. The drumvar are colorblind and see the spectrum of morality through a similar lens. They often find the other species' needs to vibrantly and prematurely paint one's actions as myopic. These insectoids love to grow cannabis, usually smoking the inestimable herb to unwind and alleviate the strains of their existence, grinding the leaves into a paste, applying as a solvent to assist with injuries. When a drumvar is of age, they are forced to undergo a pilgrimage through the jungle. Where they must visit many shrines left behind by the old world, they strive for enlightenment in the hopes of averting destruction's repetitive cycle. 

When one of their kind passes, their corpse is used as fertilizer to grow more of their spiritual herb. They watched from on high of their land's pacification, rousing from their seated homes and meeting with the new alliance. Their elders saw the wisdom in unification, as it was better to do battle with their untamed realm than to butcher each other heartlessly. Being masters of wind and healing magic, they perceived their biases to understand illness and thwart death as invaluable toward the other races. These meek creatures are renowned for their alchemical and enchanting talents. They provided the coalition with much-needed services, as the other races seemed to pursue a far more destructive path. Spreading their teachings to the others, hoping in due time, they too could bask in the blissful existence that hails from simplicity. They perform elaborate dancing rituals for both their dead and enemies, less their spirits return as vile djinn and cast ill omens on their harvest of cannabis.