Full Name: Tahira Quil'Kovesh.

 Nicknames: Tay-tay

 Titles: The Wolf of the Roses, The Ashen Hound, Head Inquisitor of the house, Survivor of the defiled.

 Race: Vampiric elf (Disease, no positives.)

 Gender: Female

 Day of Birth: Unknown

 Age: 26

Hair: White

 Skin: Alabaster

Eyes: Magically imbued Teal and Emerald eyes, with cat pupils

Height: 7'

Weight: 245Lbs

Place of Residence: The Sands

Place of Birth: Emerald City

Vocation: Monster Slayer/Investigator.

Economic /social status:  Upper class/Nobility.

(Due to her inheritance from her mother's passing. Her achievements/military service for the nation and investments.)

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Relationship: Married

​Sexual Orientation: Lesbian

Personality: Tahira strives to apprehend the world via the utilization of her analytical mind. She employs a scientific lens in most fields, resulting in her being somewhat socially stunted in many theatres, including amorous pursuits. Couple this with her dry sense of humor and stoic deportment, and she can find it strenuous to formulate lasting bonds. She is a woman of few choice words. Justifiably skeptical of outsiders and holds intense prejudices toward humans, alchemists, and those suspicious of Djinns. This disdain is garnered through maltreatment and the continuous negativity bred whenever she has interacted with them.


Tahira is a professional, striving for perfection and completion of her contracts. She isn't against the use of morally questionable means as long as the perceived net gain outweighs the cost. However, as a dog of the state, she endeavors to limit butchery regarding sentient life. She will also forgo killing a monster/animal if her investigation shows the creature is safeguarding its young or if the contractee was responsible for needlessly goading the beast.

Distinctive Marks: Ears, Birthmark on the upper and lower cheek, and her signature eyes.

Traits: Brave, Intelligent, Well-spoken, calculative, imposing.

Faults: Lone wolf

Weakness: Her physiology is human, in short, she will die to anything you will perish to as a result.

Special Weaknesses: Vampirism, Unlike most Vampires in fiction, her's is a disease, not some supernatural buff. This affliction results in her body's inability to produce Iron. In summary, she must drink blood or eat liver (Any source) to prevent a system-wide organ failure. In the initial stages, she will gain dark rings under her eyes, veins, mild sensitivity to light, and feel exhaustion. Stage two builds up to a headache and nausea followed by blue-tinted lips. Stage three is debilitating weakness and a lack of stamina. Stage four is convulsions, unconsciousness followed by death. The mark on her face is a form of Vitiligo brought on by vampirism attacking the body's ability to produce pigmentation (Both hair and skin). Over time it has expanded only leaving a few spots left of her birth color. A fact she is very subconscious about and something she mentally struggles with daily.

​Senses: See Passives

Racial Abilities: See Passives

Social Information.


​Family: Faaria Quil'Kovesh (Dead Mother)

Mazana Quil'Kovesh (Sister)

Rakash Quil'Kovesh(Dead Brother)

Secret (Dead Auntie)

Surayyah Quil'Kovesh {Sister)
Hunter Quil'Kovesh (Dead brother)
Viessa Quil'Kovesh (Dead sister)
Feyre Quil'Kovesh (Dead mother)

Aquaria Devante (Father of sorts. Dead.)

Anzhela Quil'Kovesh (Spouse)


Idols: Matsumota Devante


Alliances: The worms maw.

The Eternal House

Beastkin Union

The Gypsies


Mentors: Matsumota Devante (Blade dancing/Hand to Hand.)

Faaria/ Feyre Quil'Kovesh (Magic.)

Watari Devante (Philosophy.)

Samara Del'Fluent (Arthimitics and matters of the court.)


Friends: Suke






Apprentices: Perna


Enemies: The Defilement

Verdant Dynasty

Order of the Red Sap

The Syndicate
Anyone that opposes her mission.

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Armor 1- Blackened Ysstmar scales stitched onto leather as her under garb. Her arms, legs, back, hips, neck, shoulders, and breastplate are shielded in a steel plate loosely resembling that of Mongolian soldiers. It is donned mainly for wartime, tournaments, or monster hunting. If a known conflict arises, this is what she will often wear.


Armor 2: Her inquisitorial attire supplies little defense. Its rough fabrics can resist abrasions but won't stand against a dagger or arrow. The gauntlets, leggings, pauldrons, rid area, and neck are steel-plated. The skirt is designed to snap free if grabbed, and it bears the royal markings of the crown, with a matching patch on her right arm. She wears this whenever investigating crimes, before the court, or trekking the city.


Weapon: Nodachi (Default 10ft, and be shifted from 5-15ft in length(Due to her enchantment, inspired by the norimitsu odachi) manifested from her Chi; as such, the blade grows from the hilt using her mana and elements around the caster. The armament is steel strength and is an extension of her body and chi; it serves as both a blade and a wand.


Hook- The hook can be attached to either a rope or a pistol launched to serve as a climbing implement for area traversal. (50 ft if rope, 60 ft if hand launcher.)

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