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-Combative skills.-



Samara utilizes Golden glitter(Superheated light akin to sand) And rock to create burning structures to coil, trap, pierce, or imprison her targets. The stone itself is based on the earths around the environment, if sand, it will become like glass, if a mountainous region, akin to granite in strength. The smoldering particles emanate from the cracks and generate thermal pressure. The mage is shielded from the temperature and burning effect of her glitter and geothermal venting, but can be hurt by the rock and traps she places. All dust or geothermal venting will linger for 2-3 turns. A way to quickly understand this skillset it's roughly the concept of a pressure cooker.

Earthen creation- Samara can call on her ability to summon a stripper pole, armor/heels, bonds, or her signature 7ft Halberd/Bo staff from the earth around her. The polearm/vambrace/heels emits geothermal heat able to send searing mist within 50ft of her movements. She can also extend the bottom of the polearm to lift herself up to 30ft into the air to reach higher terrain or vault herself against chasms. (3 turn cd)

Kindling Rosefield-  Slamming the halberd onto the ground while bending her knees and flaring her buttocks licentiously outward to create 200ft AOE of golden glitter on the soil. It is held together by soot and earth in the shape of a rose field, persisting for two turns from the area of impact is disturbed the embers/petals of the flowers will cause second degree burns to her targets. She can spin on the polearm, or twirl it overhead to kick up a torrent of those glistening sands. (4 turn cd)

Burning Crevice- Using her halberd, tail, or hands, the mage can send forth fissures of burning earth across any surface to destabilize any targets within its path caught ill-prepared, expelling a haze from the cracks due to the venting of geothermal energy. From the bowels, grains of superheated golden lights are sent wafting 10ft upward; the area affected possessing 200ft in length and 100ft in width. Alternatively, The exotic artist will perform a salacious split, jiggling her cheeks and spanking the earth with her tail or bottom. This will cause a geyser of flesh searing steam and dust that will be hurled 20ft into the air and 40ft wide within 40 feet of the area impacted. Creating cracks where the fire embers like rose petals spew from.  Last two turns. (3 turn cd)

Flaming Catwalk- The earth beneath her feet shifts, launching the Tiefling 60ft while possessing free movement. The soil becoming superheated, caked in glitter and flesh searing geothermal steam that causes second-degree burns. Can also be applied normally via walking, but only spreads where her heels touch the earth. The width of influence is restricted to 15ft in width, with a height of 8ft.  Lingers for three turns. (2 turn cd)

Binary suns-  Each hand forms a one-foot ball of immolating energy. They orbit that voluptuous body can be launched and directed with her hands' movements or spun within a 120ft radius by rocking her hips. Twerking will cause them to rise and fall, smashing into the earth, sending out a circular spread of 10ft tall, 6ft thick wave of golden glitter from the impact point, traversing a max of 120ft from impact.  A secondary manifestation of this skill will have the dancer oscillating those broad hips, neck, pole, tail (Shaking her rear), or arms, formulating and firing forth a ring of orange thermal energy. These rings travel 300ft, then remain inert and afloat, on contact they explode sending out searing golden grains and blister causing steam in a 60ft radius. Each hoop has a 3ft gap in the center and the border is 8 inches thick. (2 turn cd)

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