The gnolls are known for their ferocity on the battlefield. They favor a warhammer or mace as a weapon, as they relish the din that is the snapping of their victim's bones. Previously known chiefly as a nomadic warband, they profess to be higher evolved than their wulfgar counterparts. This has resulted in past tension between the two species that have later led to mutual respect as competent warriors. The gnolls believe that the world is a dream. And that all things that die return to the source to be reformed into a new image. The more glory one has accumulated, it results in them achieving a higher form in the next life, only bestowing deference to those who have acquired it by their actions, finding silvery words to be an indication of weakness. The Khan's military might and tactical efficiency have led them to embrace the union with extreme zeal. It is said that if one quarrels, don't talk, fight. Diplomacy has only briefly been touched on before engaging in their ritualistic demonstrations of dominance.


Like the Wulfgar, the Gnolls collect trophies from the dead. Instead, these towers of muscles ingest them, concluding that the act of consumption will imbue them with the powers they admire. The shamans of their tribes claim to learn from the dead by devouring their tissue and using intestines to see looming omens. Known for capturing their enemies and employing torture, to the point that many rather perish or commit suicide than fall into their claws. They install large carved totems, which they use to impale their foes while they are still alive. Their corpses serve as a warning that you are now within their world and are subject to their customs. Their species is matriarchal; here, the women are the bulk of soldiers while the men handle more mundane affairs. The act of marriage is done via a sexual act described as being so primal that the scholars who venture to document it can never focus long enough to bear witness to the affair.


The females dictate their relationships as it is signed in blood and held as a contract. The terms are written on their backs, as they believe that losing the agreement releases their mates from this binding document. Resulting in the forfeit of any claims to the bounty of the family unit.  This species has an affinity for air magic. Their history is carried through oral tradition and throat singing, including the few warriors worth noting outside their species in song. The gnolls believe every dispute brings them closer to Godhood, yet ironically feel that their rulers should dictate those deserving of battle.

Faction- Their own race

Location- Ashlandian mountains living within the peaks or in tunnels to hide from the mist.