There are few positive things the other races have to say about the toadlins; this contentious race of sentient amphibians is known for their insatiable appetite. Throughout the Jungle's history, these toads have gorged themselves on the bodies of the other races. They were taking full advantage of their long tongue and muscle to overpower travelers. Their grotesque visage has done little to diminish these perceptions. They favor living within the swamplands, nesting inside homes of mud and roots. Their croaks often perforate the ambiance as a warning, informing the lesser species that they have wandered into their domain. They use corpseflies and leeches as pets to overrun their foes, donning their victims' skin and the muck surrounding their encampments as garbs. Using hydromancy and poisons to ward off any predators, this reclusive bunch carry their young on their back, which sprouts from the flesh leaping free to begin their natural development. 

The toadlins see the world as a pointless struggle against decay that all things are destined to decompose into oblivion. This dismal outlook has led to their society abandoning idyllic romanticized visions of the world, seeing dominance as the only currency of the land. If you want something, take it, as all things are just a resource to be harvested. One might think this depressive outlook may stunt enjoyment; however, the Toadlins describe themselves as purveyors of pleasure. Untethered by the bonds of moral quandaries, yet still enslaved due to their recent capitulation to the other residents of the jungle. The need for cohesion to battle nature led many within their fold to dispute the old ways, heading them toward instability due to introspection. For the first time in a thousand years, their direction and fate are mired with obscurity. Their predatory and war-driven lifestyle bringing their species to their knees, as the other cultures within this primordial world hunted them to near extinction. But like cancer, the toadlins managed to persist until they were manipulated into joining their coalition less they faced imminent expiration.