The White Sand Empire

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A call echoes from the rolling sea of bleached dunes to the derelict ruins beneath the sands. From the spiraling toadstool towers of Fungi Forest to the glassed wilderness or crystals—the deepest depths of the Obsidian Canyon, to the thick blanket of ash coating the volcanic heart. Between this arid world and that of the primordial bosom to the north lurks a highway of pastures, where hamlets of bone and ports reside.  Beyond that, the virulent swamplands, abundant jungle, misty mountains, and delipidated remains of a prior epoch slumber. Towers of lumber reach to the firmaments while denizens nestle within its verdant-hued branches. Welcome to the dream, and it is that call to adventure that has beckoned you. Our world is one of depth and internal logic. The populace possesses diverse cultures, where even the NPCs are people. This setting, like clay, is yours to mold. A light of hope where everything is earned, nothing is given, and what is merited may no one strip away. 

Each roleplay is interwoven, formulating the tapestry that is our collective story. The consequence of actions, formulating ripples, drifting far beyond the RP or the setting the incident occurred. Here, characters grow on their in-universe pursuits, and death can be around every corner. Be it a merchant, warrior, wizard, scholar, noble, captain, bandit leader, farmer, courier, or anything in between. Make what you desire, watch as the setting yields to your struggles. Our world may be dark and Darwinian, yet, it is the melodies we as players forge that glisten within the darkness. So join us, and see what lurks within the sands of time. 

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There are two Regions. The Desert and the Jungle. 
Each with their own lore.

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The Desert Region

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Jungle Region.

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Our Roleplay Forum Rules



1) Do not god mod. Defined as playing another's character without permission. This includes auto hits, mind manipulation, and other apparent methods to usurp control of another's creation. (Without written permission)


2) No metagaming. Defined as gaining knowledge your character couldn't have known. This includes lore, world events, skills, knowledge of players' history, or kits. Also, googling or importing scientific aspects of reality (Example, Quantum mechanics.) if not feasible to be ascertained given the setting's current technological/scientific development.


3) Pedophilia is 0 tolerance. Loli which is 1,000 years old is not a loophole here.


4) If you have issues, try to hash it out first like adults. If it seems compromise can't be reached, let a mod know. We will not ban someone or punish them because you are offended without informing the said person of the transgression first. As 98% of the time, people are unaware of your quandary or reasoning, thus meaning no genuine offense. This is a mature community. We are not here to play your "deployable" ban hammer or authoritarian device. Adults attempt communication. Children demand ban hammers or punishments without reconciliation efforts.


5) What is 18+ that is allowed? We have adult thematic elements that may or may not be suited for those under age. Furthermore, our world is grounded, and its extreme views do not reflect any player or the mod team. This is a fictional fantasy setting, and we are playing characters, not ourselves. So you may see bigotry between the races, death, some sexism, narrow-minded views on gender identity and sexuality, child soldiers, and workers. Thankfully, player actions have mitigated some of these darker aspects of this grisly universe.


6) All Roleplay Forum profiles must be VISIBLE. No one can see if you're online as we set that up to inherently grant you such privacy. Failure to make yourself visible within 72 hours will result in a ban. Why? Because when you're hidden you can't respond, like, follow or post. And why you would join a community and lurk with the intent never to interact is beyond me.