The Verdant Dynasty

The Verdant Dynasty is a collection of races united under the Jorgenskull rule and guided by a series of principles. This coalition was forged to battle off their world's harsh climate, the unforgiving jungle necessitating unity or face potential extinction. All those part of this alliance contributes their resources to the whole, as each species maintains autonomy over their territories. They offer their young as soldiers and 10% of their resources to add to the pot in exchange for protection and technology. In turn, it brought harmony to a once turbulent realm, broadcasting ideas and cultures as their differences slowly started to wane. 


Despite using wood and bone as the core of their society, they managed to keep up through magic implementation. They were rivaling that which had been achieved by the metal-based sands to the south. Valerna secured the Goatkin to assist with the dispersing of new armaments and life-altering tech. After playing the long game, manipulating events she did not set into motion, using language, and pitting the uncivilized southern region against itself The Matron sowed enough discord to weaken their resolve, as infighting thinned out the herd. This, in turn, permitted the Verdant Dynasty to slip in once the Empire had fallen, and the Beastkin were licking their self-inflicted wounds. Ransacking and taking what they needed, before retreating back to their overgrown domain.

The order of the Red Sap.

The Red Sap order is an enigmatic group, bent on the mastery of magical and alchemical principles. Often found strung throughout the thick jungle and the outer rim, growing their trees of flesh to extract their favored Red sap. Using the Mothkela moondust to produce a potent narcotic, this drug is said to confer them clairvoyance into aspects of the world, surpassing perception. While in this heavenly state, the mages can become untethered from the anxieties of this world, delivering their consciousness and bestowing them with the utmost efficiency in their arts. This thick syrup can be used to amplify their magic and extend resources by glazing the material or mixing the nectar with alchemical reagents to bolster effects. A secret only entrusted to a few to prevent the abuse of their most fastidious resource.  This cult is often seeking new applications, for knowledge is temporary, but the glory of the Jorgenskull is forever. Toiling as inquisitors, spies, and upholders of the Verdant dynasty's rule.

House Khalil

The organization is structured around the pursuit of the alchemical and magical theorem and the culling of information. Within this federation of dark sorcerers, the act of necromancy is embraced, making up the bulk of their workforce. As a faction, they seek to unravel and catalog the mystery of the tangible and immaterial facets of the macrocosm. House Khalil believes that new ideas flourish when scrutinized and disputed by their peers. They have begun to institute libraries and universities that they hope to disseminate erudition to coerce the people via the appropriation and monopolization of information. They openly venerate Mirage, extracting kinship via the sphere they share, sometimes risking bargains to exchange knowledge for knowledge if rumors are to be believed. To this house, morality is a barrier deterring progress, and while the old ways are valuable, one should seek different venues to strengthen their community further. In short, they are not opposed to enacting morally dubious pursuits if they can feasibly yield a net gain when it comes to enlightenment.