The structures of the Verdant Dynasty are either stone, wood, or most common Bone with spider webbings. Their abodes are built like pyramids, keeping a triangle-like shape. Meanwhile, their windows are screened via the silk from their domesticate arachnids. The Jorgenskulls enhance the bone plating to be akin to steel. Their homes are sturdy, nearly fireproof, and the web system allows them to take them down and rebuild them up to relocate in the event of a looming disaster.




The primary means of transportation besides foot are the following.


1) Reptilian mounts, Arachnids. (No Horses)


2) Boats via Hearth of the earth, The Outer Rim, and the skeletal highway and river transportation that leads to Fingers, Lunar, Boneyard, Ironbark.


3) Beneath the jungle are long tunnels filled with spiders who scurry along the network transporting goods and people between ALL settlements. The ceiling is covered in their webbings, and their large bodies are attached with ironbark structures/platforms used to haul products and personal. The swarm of arachnids guards this labyrinth, along with armed units who accompany them during their voyages 'neath that canopy of rock

Verdant Dynasty Government


The Verdant Dynasty is an umbrella state. It forms a parliament where each species is given a platform to air its grievances. The local leaders of the races assemble within various cities to discuss qualms and policies. In short, the positions of power are held by representatives of its residents. The diverse nation-states will have two to four mediators specializing in different fields to ensure their viewpoints are heard and entertained. A voting system holds all proceedings and decisions to guarantee a favorable outcome.


This has encouraged the extension of olive branches with the aim of currying favor amongst the vastly distinct races comprising the jungle. They're all Jorgenskull, proceeded by their perspective heritage within their minds. A camaraderie that has trickled down to even the lowliest of social classes, facilitating a more serene integration. Adopting one another's holidays, language, and culture gives way to a unity that transcends their stark visual differences. The continued prosperity of the Dynasty supersedes their territories.


This confederation has led to the officials observing their southernly neighbors as progenitors of chaos. Cultural pollination has resulted from such dealings, further bolstering a sense of fellowship and universal identity. If a dispute should arise that leads to a tie, the Matron is called to shatter such standstills. Within their system, the role of "Queen" holds little power. The monarch's influence is kept at a minimum to prevent corruption within their senate. And while she can make proposals, the chieftain is beholden to the committee's determinations. The rationale behind such a unique leadership structure is that absolute power corrupts. And it's less likely that a collective of ambassadors will fall prey to such taints and that wisdom can be found within a multitude over a singular person.


If a member should present themselves as a threat, a hearing will be called. Should such allegations be substantiated, they will be executed for endeavoring to disrupt the equilibrium of the Verdant Dynasty.





Below is a summary concerning law and how its upheld. The setting is old world. If caught violating a crime within the jungle, a guard (Another OC or a mod/admin will play the NPC.) will stand as the judge. The "trial" will be conducted on the spot. The player character will be given a chance to represent themselves. This isn't modern times, so the lack of evidence can work for or against you. If the character can verify their innocence by convincing the guard, they will be exonerated. If not, punishment will occur. 

Penalties include the removal of a limb/flesh, execution. Resisting or attacking a guard will lead to a swift termination unless you can defend or escape. The guards are seen as an extension of the crown, so disrespect or aggression is lumped as treason. Keep in mind metagaming and godmodding ARE NOT ALLOWED. If you write your OC is uncharismatic, suddenly becoming a silver tongue devil will be ignored given that isn't the character standing trial. Always stay IC.

The jungle differs as a trial is down with the alleged criminal bound. A scale is brought out, and weights are placed on it. For each charge cleared, the token will be removed. Whatever (if any is left) will be used to gauge the price. At which point, the guilty party will be given the choice of where to start cutting. A dull bone knife is used to strip flesh/limbs until the debt to society is paid. Below is a list of crimes.


All values are 3x if a giant. 2x for larger races such as Turzien. Base for smaller races. 

Tax evasion (.5-10 lbs)
Theft (1-5 lbs)
Assault (2-10 lbs)
Murder (Death)
Sexual misconduct/assault/pedophilia (Genital mutilation)
Slavery (Death)
Disturbing order (.5-2 lbs.)
Openly disrespecting the establishment (1-15lbs)
Terrorism (Death)
Slander (.5-3lbs)
Lying to a guard/Willingly withholding information (1-6 lbs)
Illegal arms transport/ Illegally possessing weapons not  authorized to civilians (A limb)
Militarized mounts without authorization (Death)
Tampering with the infrastructure/tech/genetic material or sabotage (A limb-death)
Property damage (.5-20lbs)
Arson (Death)
Kidnapping (Death)
Forced labor (Death)
Debt abuse (1-10lbs)
Interfering with state authorities (1-10lbs)
Trespassing (1-3 lbs)
Lockpicking (1-3lbs)
Illegal trafficking of any goods, animals, or people (Limb-death)
Cooking books (limb)
Replicating documentation (Death)
Defacing official documentation (Limb)
Environmental devastation (Limb-Death)

All those found guilty are branded. Treating any wounds sustained will result in both the healer and the offender being executed should it become known.