Crystal Technology

The jungle is known for harnessing crystals that originate from the core of the planet. These natural formations are imbued with the world's energy and resonate out a "mist" of arcane particles. In and of themselves, they hold little use, but when agitated within an oscillating chamber, they collide and release energy. This energy is gathered within a focusing crystal and discharged through a series of pipings. These pipes run along the cities, and hamlets darted throughout the world. This byproduct can be used to flicker crystal lighting structures, heat water, and provide other basic amenities. They do not possess wiring, nor do they have clockwork or piston mechanisms. 

These power sources are harvested underground and have recently begun to be germinated within facilities within all significant territories. Destroying one of these crystalline batteries will cause the energy to disperse harmlessly. They CAN"T be used as explosives, and you can't appropriate them as a method to restore your mana pool or amplify your power.



The following section will be broken into two sections: low to middling economic status. And then those who are wealthy, part of a faction or military.


The lower class often sports the skins, feathers, and scales of quarry stitched throughout the armor is hardened bone strengthened via the Giant's mastery over flesh magic or segments of ironbark wood. The fortified parts often depict the wildlife that inhabits the primordial bosom of the world.


The soldiers and influential members of their society are wrapped in spider silk armor, with bone molded to resemble a tortoiseshell pattern layered top.





Macuahuitl,Kaskara, shashka, Norman long sword, Zweihander, Tecpatl, Machete, Kindjal


Macuahuitl, Warhammer, Mace, kelepy, chekany



Spear, Swordstaff, Billhook, sovnya, Woomeera



Hornet Grenade, throwing darts, slings, longbows, casterguns, dart guns, bola, Nzappa zap, Woomeera

Spider/Bone Technology

The Verdant Dynasty has evolved down a unique path, mastering more "primal" elements of nature and coupling it with their ingenuity to deliver outstanding solutions to the ordeals that beset their society. As a people, they harness their capacity to alter bone to devise protective shielding and armaments. This osseous tissue is twice as resilient as steel and is virtually fireproof, given skeletal material can withstand temperatures up to 8,000 degrees Fahrenheit. They coat their bodies and structure in this precious material, mass breed animals, and utilize the dead to meet their demands. Nothing is wasted. All organic material is meticulously recycled to better the collective.

Blood and bodily fluids are appropriated to devise alchemical weaponry that discharges a boiling mist of a putrid concoction. The skin is dried and is used for books, wallpapers, and other such needs. Adipose is gathered for their vile alchemical weaponry and amassed as a fuel source. The dung is positioned in heaps and either shoveled off for the putrid creation to ward off attackers, or it can be employed to farm methane. The Verdant Dynasty also has factories operated by the denizens for the mass production of Caster guns and their precious spider silk. This organic fiber is the strongest natural material, ranging from 5-10x stronger than high-grade steel, depending on the species of giant arachnid it is harvested from.

The Dynasty spin this thread to weave armor, building materials, nettings, medicinal supplies, and militaristic technologies. The meshing is incorporated into parachutes, stitching materials, dressings to stop bleeding, rope, clothing, netting for war and civilian applications. They also form giant slings to launch weapons, troops, or goods across great distances. The webbings are also constructed for aquatic/naval purposes. They include laying nets to catch and stop vessels and the creation of suits that hold air to allow underwater travel. 

Additionally, the Verdant Dynasty has tamed giant turtles to function as transportation for military and civilian use. They swim across the river and sea carrying troops and ferrying goods/people. On their backs are large caster cannons, of which there are two variants. One that expells arcane-based artillery, and another that releases their searing alchemical fog of bodily liquids. On the front of their shells are hooks of bone that are launched to tether their crafts to naval threats to permit easier bordering. These behemoths are shielded by a layer of earth or bone, with a sweater of spider filigree layered over their exterior. Given their ability to transition on land and sea seamlessly (with some species allowing underwater applications.), they, along with spiders and other reptilian mounts, are the favored method of land-based transportation