Kitsune, monster slayers, vanquishers of the world's grime and pest, the ultimate killing spirits incarnate. Their influence over the realm is indisputable, a hero to some, mischievous meddling spirits to others, even con artists usurping hard-earned coins from the gullible. Kitsunes, by nature, are masters of therianthropy, capable of assuming the form of their spirit animal to magnify their efficiency in conflict. As a result, many indigenous tribes spread across the knolls depict this species as foreboding demons. Harbingers of deception, pestilence, and destruction. A fact not helped by their diabolical form when assuming this hard to master ability that not all kitsune can maintain, let alone harness—masters of melding the dance of blades with the conjuring of magic.  Antithetical to romanticized depictions. Kitsune's with nine tails is not a symbol of strength but rather a division. Outsiders are often mistaking more as an inherent indication of being of higher merit or importance.

Notwithstanding popular mythos, only the most disciplined of kitsune can achieve their animal form. They embody the animal spirit that they are most drawn to, legends say that only the most ruthless of their kind can maintain control while donning such bestial visage. As a society, they are very honor-based, mastering their vocation before venturing into another field. If one is a stablehand, they should aspire to be the best stablehand in the realm to bring honor and pay reverence to their ancestors. From a young age, every member of their society is trained in combat (From 5 years old), though only those able to survive and endure the harshest of regiments are permitted to become monster hunters. The kitsune race within the desert views this vocation as beyond reputable, considering the hunt's stimulation to be the very pinnacle of their permanence. Aside from martial disciplines, they are also trained in alchemy, magic, and history pertaining to their craft and the monstrosities of the world, attaining knowledge like any tool to have its place. 

While far from the most well-read species, they still value scholarly pursuits, even if it isn't on the top of their social hierarchy's agenda. That distinction goes to monster hunters and artists alike, the two often juxtaposing brilliantly together. Marriage within kitsune society is unique; there isn't a big ceremony; instead, the two mates return to their tent and dwell together. The mere act of fornicating in one's home symbolizes the two houses melding their flesh into one; thus, it is not uncommon to find kitsunes favoring more sexual encounters to solicit out a brothel. Brothels are endorsed and not seen as a source of a moral quandary but a crucial function to alleviate stress and primal desires. When it comes to funeral rites, their species believe in endocannibalism, that devouring the dead grants them the fallen one's powers. This tradition is not done by eating flesh but grinding cremated remains into a fine powder and adding it into their tea or stews. When a hero of the people passes on, the entire community will gather to drink a few glasses of tea as a group, venerating their attainments by receiving their essence into the whole of the society's body. What isn't consumed, is tattooed onto their flesh, so that they may carry the fallen into battle.

Faction- House Devante.

Location- Obsidian Canyon. Their industry and windmills have kept the fog mostly at bay.