The Edge of Time

Those who happen to flounder into this world, no matter their gateway, all find themselves at the edge of time. It is the furthermost end of the dimension, where over that cliff is an infinite void.  Here, they will stumble across an armed settlement powered by a network of levitating gems. The terrain is steep, jagged, and layered in compact snow and thin ice. A series of caves are interconnecting, filled with hibernating beasts who only rouse from their slumber to hunt or if an ill-fated adventurer should roam into their lair. Across this slippery region, flowers of frost can be witnessed unfurling their petals, reflecting the binary suns, and moons glow brilliantly.


Wilderness of Yore


A labyrinth of perplexing trees fused with pulsating crystals. This wilderness holds many secrets and resources. Here many local settlements hunt for game and cultivate the land for strange fruits. Within its haunting abode lies remnants of previous dreams, stories not yet told that are home to eerie disturbances. Even if one is dispersed, another inexplicably rises to take its place. They lead many to surmise that these events are echoes, the ghost of yore bellowing forth to be heard one last time before dissolving into oblivion.


Yesteryears reflection


This city is carved into the mountains. Here, the defenders of the land train and are garrisoned while awaiting assignments. The Djinn who had architected their domain deliberately designed this municipality to reflect the influences from her motherland. A reminder of their roots while laboring as a metaphor of their principal strengths and preceding weaknesses. Within the center is a mirror floor, where all initiates are challenged to gawk into. They claim that what they perceive is their most unsettling failure. Many warriors take pilgrimages here to undergo this ritual, in the aspiration that one day they won't find anything but their solitary reflection.


The Present Road


A sprawling forest is the middle point of the world; it exists for perpetuity unchanged as if secluded from the influence of time. Many lodges can be found on its road, along with sparsely populated villages. On one end lies the past; on the other awaits the future. This expanse serves as a transitionary point within the current of time and its manifestation over the realm.


The Spires of Tomorrow


Within these passageways of earthen edifices lurks underground ruins and monuments reflecting the optimism of tomorrow. These rocky structures serve as towers of knowledge, where the academics and scholars of the land reside to stalk their crafts. Magic radiates from the fissures on the surface while specks of snow float within the air as if not bound by gravity. Where sleet spirals in groups, dragging in the feet of absentminded wanderers into their cold clutches of death.


Futures Divide


The futures divide is a massive graveyard imprisoned by a glacial turbid glacial layer. Icicles adhere to the edges, while gaped maws of monolithic carcasses welcome voyagers to roam into their preserved corpses. The ground cracks under one's stride, yet never does it give way. Beneath that translucent floor, one can discern the ruins of a myriad of civilizations encapsulated within winter's merciless grip.  




Hereafter is a massive metropolis composed of bulbous structures and quaint abodes. Here many research labs survive, while the people hold off in futility against the inevitability of armageddon. The denizens believe that the sun provides and ravages life, determining that winter preserves and is a preferred alternative. The Homunculus work hard to generate an eternal winter that will expand out across the multiverse—defeating entropy and presenting at least their kind with immortality.