Memoria is an accumulation of outcasts composed of Djinns and Homunculus who abode within a wintry pocket realm. They've rallied under the polar queen Mazana in the belief they can procure tranquillity and existence within an intolerant Darwinian world. The inhabitants see the realms beyond their frigid domain as hostile, dealing with them wearily out of fear of suffering from their ire. Screened from the prying eyes of others, they concentrate their attention on caster arms and magic. Unlocking the mysteries of alchemy and enchanting to bolster their forces should one day foreign encroachers invade. Their isolationist policy extends to the point they rarely lift a finger to assist with the deserts or jungles plights. Dispatching agents to infiltrate their ranks, contracting the gypsies to be their ears and eyes on the earthly plane. They distrust outsiders but are not foolish enough to refuse profitable trades or dealings. They only involve themselves if there is a direct benefit or serve as a method to circumvent a more significant hazard.