The elves or mer of the sands have had several rough centuries; formerly treated as second-class citizens, they recently were bestowed the opportunity to scale up the social ladder. Valerna bartered to sanction them a place within Nirvana, conceding the once displaced people a chance to lay their roots. The mer are grateful for this shift, but are unsure what to do with this newfangled freedom. As a collective, they strive to pursue the occult arts, experts in the enchanting and alchemical fields. Practitioners of all that is magic, the elves seem to have a natural affinity with the energy interacting with the physical forces—using their innate resolve to bolster the house's defenses and assets. Culturally, they are an amalgamation due to their interactions with the varenkun, jackals, and bovinites. They adopted the Jackals belief structure concerning necromancy as a proper funeral right, the admiration of art and beauty from their hare brethren, and an unparalleled sense of patriotism from the bovinites.


The other races are mixed on this recent evolution, still recollecting how their pointed ear kind enslaved their ancestors. But time, mending most wounds has bestowed a second chance to this long since disregarded society. Aside from their academic pursuits, the Elves are known for their love of coin and history. They bring much wealth into the culture while joining their necromantic siblings on countless expeditions to unearth mysteries buried by the sands of time.  Having observed the ebbing and flowing of powers. The mer are fearful that this time of prosperity will not last and seek to ensure its proliferation, lest they find themselves once more descending into a mire of despair; subjected to the bigoted lashings inspired by their great, great, great grandfathers' sins. Notwithstanding this unrelenting treatment in the past, the Elves see it as penitence, holding little rancor against their brethren. Instead of gloomy yesteryear, they look toward the future with the romanticized idealism that a better tomorrow is worth tussling over. Their time as the scum of society conferred much-needed introspection and humility. Which, as a group, they intend to use to propel themselves into a vivacious future.

Faction- Their own race.

Locations- Sandslout, Ashtown, Crystal town, Emerald City.