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Continue at your own risk.

All the following lore. Their Bio will have 0 relevance to other characters, laboring only to influence the character's philosophy and their headspace. (All chapters were played out on their home server.) Before you continue to read, I will not modify my format, nor use google docs.

The data contained within should be enough to answer any and all queries one might be able to muster. If valid criticism is laid, or advice, I might add it to the sheet or expound on anything that one might interrupt as sparse on details. I do not make character lightly, and those I do persist for extended periods of time. Once I am acclimated to another universe, I will gladly construct a character for that setting. I see offworlders as an essential tool to best experience and evaluate any community. 

Lastly, MY OC'S is NOT a sex/fetish character. People do not write 100+ Paras with a complex interwoven philosophy to get your E-Peen. Approaching me purely for smut as your ambitions will get you ignored. I also have 0 interest in dealing with children who see boobs, make an assumption, objectify the body, are too lazy to read, and cast judgments that reflect poorly on the breadth of their sagacity. I understand initial impressions, but, please do try to delve below the cover. It is a good vetting tool for separating those that read a bit and have a measure of acumen versus, those too lazy with a lacking intellect that won't permit them to push beyond initial visual stimuli.

Thank you for reading this, and I hope if nothing else, you enjoy what I have constructed within this profile. -Sincerely, Tay-Tay.-

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