Niazmina’s life was perfect. The pride and joy of her parents. Her parents' union was an odd one. A Mer and Jackal, brought together by their strong interest and practice of necromancy and a deep sense of loneliness. A chat and a few drinks were all that was needed for a bond to form.


It was a well-known fact to Mina that she had a half-sister. Though there was an attempt to keep it a secret from her, as a child, she had often overheard her parents speak about her Mer sibling. Niazmina’s mother did not mind the fact that he had a bastard child but did not want to raise Etinara. The topic died down as time passed, but this Jackal continued wondering about her half-sister. 


Niazmina joined the Eternal House through her parents. As their firstborn, Amir had made sure that she offered her services to the House, joining their ranks as a rookie inquisitor after completing her studies at the College as well as her training. Her life seemed to be going in a good direction, but it would not last long. 


Everything changed when the Sands collapsed. Worrying for her family’s safety, she had rushed to Nirvana in hopes of finding them. She was reunited with her father there, but sadly, her mother and brother had been lost in the panic. The heartfelt father-daughter reunion would be short-lived, for a group of mers brought horrible monsters upon them. Mina was furious at the fact that they had the audacity to attack Queen Samara and her House after all that had been done for the elves. 


Her original thralls lost in the chaos, a heartbroken Mina took it upon herself to reanimate her dead father who had also perished during the attack. He would continue to serve a purpose even after death.


Throughout her missions, she will try to find any information on her lost family members if time allows, even looking for her half-sibling who had been mentioned in the past, hoping for all of their safety.


 As a loyal servant to the Eternal House, Niazmina will do anything to bring it back to its former glory.


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