Basic Information
Full Name: Niazmina Jorgenskull

Nicknames: Nia/Mina 


Race: Mer/Jackal(Burseti’khlani) 

Gender: Female 

Date of Birth: 

Age: 27

Hair: Black 

Skin: Bronze 

Eyes: Grey 

Height: 6’2 

​Weight: 184

Place of Residence: Boneyard

​Place of Birth: Emerald City 

​Occupation: Queen of the Verdant Dynasty, Pharoah of the Bederkerkhan 

Economic status: Wealthy

​Alignment: Lawful Neutral 

​Relationship status: Married

Sexual Orientation: Polyamorous pansexual with a penchant for spider


Personality: Duty comes first for this Jackal. Serving the Eternal house with the fervor that her Mer father instilled in her and the wisdom of her Bader’Kerkhan mother, Niazmina feels a sense of pride in her work. Although not in the traditional sense, Mina thinks of herself as an artist. Her thralls serve as her canvas as she grafts together the flesh of the deceased in order to honor their memories and allow them to continue to serve their illustrious empire. 


Appearance: Deep ebony hair with grey eyes, better endowed than her sister  <_<

Distinctive Marks: Fluffy ears and tail 

Traits: Kind, Pensive, Loyal

Faults: Obsessive, Gloomy, (Tsundere lol)

Weakness- Children. They remind her of her brother. 

Equipment- Steel-plated armor 

2 pouches(8 total) on each side of her hip and her thralls filled with caltrops that have 1 inch long nails that are ½ inch wide (each bag can cover a 10ft area)

Weapons: Scimitar

 Caster rifle fitted with a bayonet

 1 back-up bayonets with sheaths 


Social Information.


​Family: Amir (Father: deceased, 69)

               Sarai (Mother: MIA, 50)

        Hassan(Brother: MIA, 6)

       Etinara(Half-sister: alive) 

Perna(Adoptive daughter: Alive)

Valerna Jorgenskull (Wife)


Idols: Samara 


Alliances: The Verdant Dynasty
The Red Sap




Friends: None 

Enemies: None 


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