• 2x snoot power

  • 2x hearing power 

  • 20 mph running

  • 2x human strength 580lbs lifting




Being mostly CC-based, Mina’s magic attacks are more about keeping distance and immobilizing the enemy, preferring to deal the final blow with her rifle as that usually provides a cleaner corpse to work with. If the enemy does get close, she will use her scimitar or bayonet(if the rifle is drawn) to fight until she can get her thralls to peel for her. 



- She is able to control her thralls using the motion of her hands as long as they are within 100ft of her location, giving any who are unfortunate enough to be caught by them a windy greeting or big hug. Utilizing her thralls, she can increase the range of her magic attacks as well as use them for offense and make quick getaways. 


- Creating a wind funnel that is 50ft long and 10ft in diameter, this jackal can push or pull small objects or elements such as fire(fuel-based or if there are flammable items in the area) or poison mist towards a general direction. It can also be used to trip people who are off balance by aiming it at the opponent’s knees.


- Summoning a whirlwind up to 50ft away from her that is 20ft in diameter and 10ft in height, any enemy that is caught will be temporarily blinded. Depending on their surroundings, the objects that were picked up by the wind can cause serious injury. 


- Stomping her foot, she sends out a cloud of sand and dust in a 30ft area (Lasts 2 turns, 4 turn cooldown)


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