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Mar 08, 2022
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Discord decided it didn't like me on my phone and my computer, I'll check it out later to see if it is fixed but for the time being I can't be on discord. Just wanted to let people know.
Dec 09, 2021
In A-F
Basic Information Full Name: Amina Mir Nicknames: Min, Mini Mir (Razan’s nickname for her) Titles: None Race: Varenkun Gender: Female Date of Birth: 11/3/21 Age: 14 ¾ (as she will tell anyone who cares) Hair: Blackish-brownish with pink ends Skin: Tan Eyes: Grayish Height: 5,0 ​Weight: 101 lbs Place of Residence: Gypsy Caravan ​Place of Birth: Fungi Forest ​Occupation: None, but will do odd jobs for the gypsies to earn money and keep herself busy along with sometimes guarding the caravans Economic status: ~lower middle class ​Alignment: Process of figuring out ​Relationship status: Single Sexual Orientation: She has no idea Personality: Hides her feelings, compassionate to people she knows and likes, quiet, more outgoing in small groups Appearance: Small, lanky, freckles Distinctive Marks: Hair ig? Traits: (Positive) capable, focused, hard-working (under normal circumstances aka before the invasion and Razan’s death) Faults: (Negative traits) Scared, angry, secretive, detached (more current) ​Senses: See Racial Weakness-None Equipment- (Armor) None Weapons: (Weapons) Two caster-guns ​*Martial style- Knows as much as a rock would A mix of these two Social Information. ​Family: Razan Idols: Razan and mother Alliances: Gypsies Mentors: Razan Friends: Razan, few school friends, Hossein, Surayyah Enemies: Florentina and any of the invading forces of Sandslout *Philosophy: Racial Strength- 150 lbs Speed- 15 mph Varenkun hearing: They possess twice hearing and aural resilience Varenkun nose: They are able to smell 1 mile in favourable conditions Combat. Combat Description. (Here you put details like how they gather it, limitations, weaknesses, and special features such as if the fire is different, why and how?) Acid Spray Amina usually has around three of these in her bag depending on what stuff she can scrape together. They are round spheres of liquid that when thrown, she uses mana to explode and spread the spray of corrosive liquid. The liquid will radiate in a circle that is about 15ft in its diameter. She can throw this up to 90ft. The acid gives second degree burns on direct contact and first degree if it hits clothes. Extended contact has it go up a degree each turn. (To be determined if volatile or not) If volatile the varenkun uses her caster gun to light it on fire. Caster-guns The gypsies taught the alchemist how to wield caster guns. They are both revolvers but one of them uses ruby crystals to shoot fireballs while the other uses white crystals to shoot a beam of light. Abilities (Here you place your active abilities. Skills are broken into several categories.) Offensive (Damaging, duh.) Utility (Such as mobility skills.) Equipment (Skills based on an item such as a bomb.) Control (AKA a skill designed to limit the terrain or stumble an opponent instead of killing them.) Whoosh The alchemist uses wind to further fuel her flames. (Flames she's able to manipulate is her own and fire from the environment) The fire can stoke up to a 30ft area around her. She can also use it to push away any flame or acid that might come towards her. (By stoke this implies that she can double the size of it. For example, she can make a 5ft fire grow up to 10ft) *Extra Details Any Extra Details not Covered.And be placed anywhere within the sheet. Wants to avenge the people who killed her sister Biography Amina, like Razan, had a happy childhood. She liked helping her parents and sister with the clothes-making but never wanted to take over the business or anything. Razan and her were very close and they did almost everything together. Her family was well enough off that they let her experiment in alchemy. The varenkun loved her parents as well and life was good. Her parents decided to take an unfortunately timed trip to Nirvana to see if they could get some potential customers. The sisters assumed correctly that they had died (and later had it confirmed by a customer that had escaped Nirvana) and Razan took over the business. The family had some good customers in Sandslout that wanted clothing so the older sister took another unfortunately timed trip. While Razan was gone Fungal was also invaded and captured. Amina just tried to keep her head down and not bug anyone. Upon hearing the news that Sandslout was also invaded and that there were no survivors, the varenkun became distraught. Having no idea of what to do with herself and having no interest in continuing the business, the child packed up her stuff and wandered. Amina hoped to find something to give her purpose or at least a home. After wandering a bit she ended up in a tavern for the night. Hossein, a friendly mer, offered her a place in the gypsies after meeting and talking for a while. The flamethrower also coaxed her story out of the child. It was a place to call home and the varenkun was enamored by Sir Swoopy despite the performer’s dislike of him. Amina outwardly does not appreciate Surayyah’s friendliness though she admires the gypsy’s attempts of making other people happy. Although appearing unamused by both Hossein and Surayyah’s antics, the varenkun likes being with them and considers them her friends.


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