The rakata hunker below the surface of the sands. This subterranean species dwell within tunneled communes. Their odd mannerisms have lent credence to the ludicrous proposition that they are somehow of lesser intellect to those of the world of suns and sky. As a people, they find all things shiny to be of merit. Their entire tribalistic society is built on the notion that beyond a thin curtain, a paradise persists just exceeding their greedy clutches. Their male-dominated hierarchy teaches that by amassing enough "shinies," they can construct a grand magnifying glass and melt away this intangible barricade. Consequently, these rodents are often portrayed as the bane to any would-be adventurer or merchant as a byproduct of this odd belief structure.  Infamous for their guile and kleptomaniacal tendencies, many on the road often secure their worldly attainments in the hope it would thwart off their sordid fingers. 

Whenever not delving through ruins or rummaging for treasures, the Rakatta can be seen skulking off to hunt for game or herd their Pill bug mounts across the knolls. Occasionally, one of their kind will veer from the pack, those beady eyes envious of the surface empires' creations. They are often witnessed joining nomadic carneys with the hopes of aggregating intelligence to bring home to their Khan, laboring as spies. Marriage is seen as a solemn vow, where the man who presents the largest "shiny" wins the bride's heart. Once a Rakata perishes, their remains are collected and arranged into holes in the walls of their cities, watched over as they mummify. 

These vermin hold that upon perforating that barrier, those dead once stepping through will be given new bodies and a second chance at life. When a husband or wife dies, the other partner is expected to join them as they keep each other company within the abyss, waiting unabatingly for the day their species achieves their remarkable journey. Magically, they love caster arms, alchemy, and anything that goes boom or is bright. As such, some believe light magic coupled with the magnifying glass is needed to triturate the veil. They serve the Beastkin union as spies, scouts, saboteurs, riflemen, and mortarmen. They avoid the frontlines as much as possible, given their diminutive stature.

Faction- The Beastkin Union

Leader- Khan of blood and bone.