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Abstract Lights
Space Supernova
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Solar Eclipse
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Armor(s): Long flowing dress with intricate embroilery.


Weapon: A smoldering stone Halberd/ Bo staff (Which she uses as a stripper pole.

Special Weaknesses: None


Speed (Racial)
Her max speed is 30 mph. (Started as 20 grew through play 40 is cap for the race)

Strength (Racial)
Bovinite's are renowned for their robust brawn, and their innate magical prowess. Samara can lift 550lbs, and possess the strength of 2x that of her human equivalent counterpart.

Flexibility (Vocation)
Though physical, her body can bend, twist, and morph in ways that only a skilled contortionist or gymnast could ever achieve while in a natural state. A byproduct of her love of dancing and acrobatic hobby.

Hearing (Racial)
Her hearing is two times greater than that of your typical human, permitting her to get the general location of her foe even when her vision and other senses are robbed. Ears are 2x resilient to sound as well.

Third eye (Learned skill, from Djinn.)

Being born from another plane, the sojourner has the ability to sense the flow of energy/chi/magic. This allows her to perceive even if her eyes are obstructed or blinded. While not perfect like any other sense, it has served her well during the sandstorms of her homeland. She can only deduce a rough area, not the size, speed, trajectory, intent, type, or scale/power of the magical device/trinket/attack. Max range 500ft

Levitation (Learned Skill from Djinn.)

Samara is able to float herself and up to two others on a cloud of smoke and embers, able to reach a max height of 25ft while moving at a pace of 20 mph. May also be used to float gracefully down great heights, or change direction while falling. 



It is through our tribulations that we might cull insight pertaining to our deficiencies. Stagnation and laxity are the banes whittling down destitute souls to their core. To transcend, one must brave their ignorance and paucities. This solemn debt, while never uttered out loud, can be beheld throughout creation. The universe beseeches us to undergo a metamorphosis. This perpetual act of evolution sequentially separates the fit from the lethargic. A methodology, while seditiously circumvented for a time, must ultimately be paid. No soul, despite their impoverishment or exorbitance, can elude this inevitability.

The system we capitulate to under the guise of thraldom is neither benign nor malicious. It simply subsists and is exceeding such shoal classifications. The only ignominy in this world is to discommode your brethren rather than confront this hurdle when it should unveil itself. This original sin necessitates penitence. To bypass its snares, we must continuously abide within absolute acuity. But, if I abhor one thing more than debility, it is those who traipse about under misconceptions. Delusions that they are moral arbiters or most damning of all saviors of the downtrodden. Such vainglorious cretins, their mere permanence is an effrontery to the fundamental hierarchy of the cosmos.

Vis-a-vis those rapscallions might dupe themselves into believing they are doing others a courtesy, they are, in fact, notably sanguinary. If you endeavor to oblige everyone that languishes, you will only dilute yourself and enervate them—the internal ambivalence, when confronted and subjugated on their own conscientiousness, yields the most substantial rewards. To gallivant about and ratify against that travail for others depreciates it. If you care for your kin, then dispense with empathy and cognize the virtue in letting them confront their battles. And when they triumph, they will become even stronger from that mastery. 

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Race Lore.


Bovinites are a magically proficient race that cling to a Darwinian meritocracy.  Only those that ascend the ladder of chaos are bequeathed the term son or daughter, flaunted around as an accolade of achievement. Many bovinites aspire to hold this coveted title, but the path to reclamation is quite arduous. It is believed that by purging out the feeble and usurping the complacent, their house will persist for perpetuity.  Despite being born of royal lineage, their only inheritance is the dirt.


Through wars, conquest, and ordeals, weakness can be shed, allowing their kind to brave the iniquity of despondency alone. Within this cult-like society, murder is legal if one can elude detection during the act despite suspicions or evidence within their vocational fields. The children of this family see cutthroat tactics as essential toward their ascension. While grisly, this antagonistic drive has facilitated the cream of the crop to lord over their lesser brethren. Marriage is based on the notion of dominance, where the most potent mate charges any lover to yield under their yoke. Once offspring are conceived, they pledge a solemn vow. Upon expiration, their remains are reanimated and join the Eternal House's undead legion to toil as soldiers and slaves continuously for their failures.


Cheating, lying, stealing, are all seen as tolerable when applied toward the evolution of their station. For a master to die to their apprentice is seen as one of the few honors their kind can achieve in life. Culturally, despite seeming selfish, their studious and magical pursuits are fixated down a single path, strengthening their family. Currently, they reside in Nirvana, sheltering from the mist within the formerly great metropolis. 

Faction- The Great Houses

Location- Nirvana

Fiery Sun

Full Name: Samara Del'Fluent


Nicknames: None


Titles: Lady of the coin, Enchantress of the Sands, The Ruby Sphinx,  The Crimson Menace, The Lioness, The Grand Accountant, and dubbed by some as being a bitch.


Race: Bovinite


Gender: Female


Day of Birth: Unknown


Age: 31

Hair: White


Skin: Crimson

Eyes: Golden

Height: 5' 2"

Weight: 120Lbs

Place of Residence: Nirvana

Place of Birth: Eladine

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Relationship: Single

​Sexual Orientation: Bi

Personality: Bratty, Egotistical, Intelligent, Pampered. 

As a person, she is an acquired taste.

Allegedly of questionable moral character.

Find humanity to be deplorable due to an extensive list of past grievances.

She will refer to them as monkeys, berks, charlies, ninnyhammers.

Distinctive Marks: Her horn and tail.

Weakness- Her body has human level of endurance.

Meaning if it will kill you IRL it will her.

Traits: Wellread, Artistrocate, Mathematician, Analytics, Opulent, Exotic performer

Faults: Hates manual labor or sweating, Short-tempered, Condescending, fears obesity.


The Eternal House (House Del'Fluent.)

The Eternal House stands as the heart of the sands. Under the lioness's supervision, this once humbled noble family has transcended to new alps. They now rule over the region, and all other houses operate under their banner. Having claimed dominion, they now function as the sword and shield of the people. Additionally, they funnel their wealth into technological, alchemical, educational, medicinal, mercantile, infrastructure, and agricultural pursuits. Having liberated the elves from slavery and pulled the realm from destruction, most have come to see them as the rightful inheritors of the sands. Thus far, under their mistress's oversight. They have finally begun to turn a once fractured providence away from regression and toward a path of progression. 

Their leader, Samara Del'Fluent, has been amicable in permitting former lords to retain some agency. Rather than eradicating them, the crimson menace instead invited them into her fold and toiled to make them see the world through her lens. This union (of sorts) has further facilitated prosperity by circumventing the ambivalence that often accompanies a budding regime. With this era of new capital, the Eternal House strives to develop new technology and broaden the education system to launch the desert into an epoch of enlightenment and innovation. Their structure is meritorious, so any race or gender is welcomed within their upper echelon. Only once they have established their loyalty to the realm and its people. While additionally displaying a high degree of efficiency within their profession.

Solar Eclipse

White Sand Empire Government.


The White Sand Empire follows a meritocracy system. Positions of influence are not held due to birthing. But what is contributed by the individual aspiring for an appointment. A committee represented by key members of each house will vote on any nominated personnel. Their accolades will be challenged and questioned. Within the desert, an individual is gauged solely on the duties their placement curtails. So a merchant will be inspected based on their financial achievements and economical knowledge. While a general will be considered solely on their ability to strategize.


The government comprises two branches, one that manages local affairs and another that meets to oversee national matters. Lesser laws are handled by "regents of the house." These are individuals selected from the cream of the crop and awarded a single territory for supervising. (Such as transporting goods from Crystal town to the surrounding region or holding order within Ashtown.) While those at the national level ensure all demands are being met. Statesmanship is seen as servitude to the people, NOT the other way around. The higher your position, the larger the yoke placed on your shoulders with the expectations you put the good of society over your personal pursuits.


A summit will be called to investigate whenever a politician yields to their greed. If found culpable, the offender will be stripped of all titles, land, and wealth only for it all to be transferred to the newly appointed replacement. Or have a legal writ of execution signed where an assassin is contracted to dispense of them.


Below is a summary concerning the law and how its upheld. The setting is old world. If caught violating a crime within the desert, a guard or inquisitor will stand as the judge. The "trial" will be conducted on the spot. The player character will be given a chance to represent themselves. This isn't modern times, so the lack of evidence can work for or against you. If the character can verify their innocence by convincing the guard, they will be exonerated. If not, punishment will occur. 

Penalties include the taking of goods/coins—removal of a limb, execution, or public embarrassment. Resisting or attacking an enforcer will lead to a swift termination unless you can defend or escape. The guards are seen as an extension of the house they represent, so disrespect or aggression is lumped as treason. Below is a list of crimes she is sworn to prevent.

Tax evasion

Sexual misconduct/assault
Disturbing order
Openly disrespecting the Great Houses or their prominent members.
Lying to a guard/Willingly withholding information
Illegal arms transport/ Illegally possessing weapons not authorized to civilians
Militarized mounts without authorization
Tampering with the infrastructure/tech or Sabotage
Property damage
Forced labor/Debt abuse
Interfering with state authorities
Illegal trafficking of any goods or people
Cooking the books
Forging documentation/Defacing official documentation