The slarkreen are a warrior race of ape humanoids; they live on top of the towering trees that make up the verdant jungle. As a people, they value brawn above all else, preferring the use of Ironbark-Wood studded with rock and the dried skin to hold them in place. These hunters only descending from their treetop society to hunt, rummage through the carcasses of prior epochs, and gather manure, which they use to make methane. Imbuing the excrement with their spiritual energy to generate gas bombs, they set them ablaze to ward off predators and foes alike. They breed their lesser Kin Khans (Tusked gorillas) to assist with combat, outfitting them in studded wooden armor, as they serve as hounds to track down prey. As a people, they value acrobatic arts, often walking across thin ropes connecting the various treetops. Their extremities are utilized for scaling the trees, and their toes are capable of coiling around objects to assist with manipulating tools.

When a slarkreen dies, their bodies will be placed within hollow openings within the trees they call home. As a people, these ape creatures see the world as the base of their dwellings, with intangible roots connecting all life forms into one. The universe is based on balance, and reverence needs to be afforded to all victims, be it man or beast. The giants abused this philosophical view, using it to justify their integration under their banners. For if all life is interchangeable, then any intelligent organism must work together whenever possible for balance. The Jorgenskulls are seen as equal hunters and Valerna deserving of leading their tribe, but the honor was denied as they were permitted to maintain autonomy. In turn, this has led their people to feel a life debt seeking to pay off this kind gesture in the hope of justifying cultural independence. The slarkeen holds that the only thing one can trust is their senses and their cocks. As such, things like drugs, open fornication, and even theft are permitted. If one is caught stealing, they are thrown off the branches to their death, as their lack of subterfuge has deemed them unworthy of the title of slarkreen.