Racial Abilities

Speed ( Quick Thinking / Dexterity ) 

As a spiritual being inside a vessel, the Djinn can draw on her innate supernatural energy to amplify the speed at which her hands can react, which surpasses that of any mere mortal by many folds. The spirit uses this to mostly sling imbued projectiles with uncanny, fluid movements to ward off attackers. (2x dexterity) Max speed 20 mph.

Strength training (Racial)

The artist strength to 2x stronger than her human equivalents, allowing her to lift 150 lbs while maintaining mobility. Her muscles and bones evolved to handle the strength of her blows while being a Djinn she has no internal organs minus a heart. She doesn't need to eat, drink and can either sleep or drain magical sources to keep the body replenished.

Flexibility (Vocational)

Her body, though extensive training, can bend, twist, and morph in ways that only the most skilled contortionist or gymnast could ever achieve while in a natural state. Able to do splits, cartwheels, flips, balance herself on ropes, and bend her spine 10 degrees further than a human. Even when in heels.

Third Eye ​(Racial)

Being born from another plane, the sojourner has the ability to sense the flow of energy/chi/magic. This allows her to "see" even if her eyes are obstructed or blinded. While not perfect like any other sense, it has served her well during the sandstorms of her homeland. She can only deduce a rough area, not the size, speed, trajectory, intent, or scale/power of the magical device/trinket/attack. 80ft

Large Mana Pool (Racial)

Djinn is often sought by powerful mages to be used as magical batteries, as a result, this rose has a large mana pool to draw from.

Theatrics (Vocational)

The Djinn uses her binding magic to construct visual flair for the pursuance of the arts. She creates flowers/spinning petals, vibrant birds, pulsating and shifting hued silk, harmless flames, balls/beams of light, and smoke/haze entice the attention of the audience. This skillset serves 0 combat applications and is employed for narrative and to enhance her vocation. 

Tarot  Cards

Her mother's main weapon, handed to her by an unknown man upon her expiration. A deck of enchanted tarot cards that serve as an extension to will. They serve as a medium to manifest her spells and abilities. As such, they can't be stolen or broken, and if she dies in combat they will merely evaporate into nothingness. They are also unable to ever truly leave her person, and can only stick around to a certain proximity. These cards are tied to the will of fates and can be used out of combat to read one's past or fortunes if the cards (the Player) wills it. Though what it reveals is vague and ambiguous.

Abilities Pg. 1


Description-The Deck of Fates and other tools are a binding manifestation; in short, the magically created cards are hurled with maximum mass/volume and energy release efficiency. On impact, her abilities erupt, sending forth a concussive blast about 1/5th that of a frag grenade. Below is the data for what the effects would be if this were to happen in our real world. Yes, physics is vastly more terrifying than magic at times. Being in control of the effect, the concussive force will bend around her body to prevent her from killing herself instantly.  Aside from that, she can conjure throwing knives, which she uses if the need should arise. She can also conjure forth a unicycle, smoke, and a veil—tools of her trade.

68947.6 pa = 144,000 joules / m^3

m^3 * 68947.6 pa = 144,000 j

m^3 = 144,000 j / 68947.6 pa

m^3 = 2.08854260337

m = 1.28057916499

meters 34473.8 pa = 144,000 joules /

m^3 m = 1.61342864602

meters 20684.28 pa = 144,000 joules /

m^3 m = 1.91293118277 meters

Or 4,443 newtons per sq meter. As 1 jule=1 newton meter. 


Destinys draw.

The card or throwing knife she summons while within her grasp can become imbued with the Djinn’s magic. When empowered, the item becomes a deadly projectile that explodes on impact. She can snap her finger to detonate them prematurely, causing an explosion that anything within 3-10 ft. The attack itself will continue until it hits something and then detonate The force it generates may shatter bones.  Max range is 200ft, traveling at a speed of 96mph. (Google record for furtherest card thrown by Rick Smith.)


Wiggling her nose, Spawns forth a unicycle under her feet that drags her in a single direction by 40ft and, being a magical construct, can transcend any terrain without impeding its speed. (40mph due to it peddling on its own as a magical construct.)

Juggling four glowing spheres, the spirit can launch one at a time any direction she looks. They travel up to 80ft and explode, sending out a cloud of sand that removes the smell, blinds those inside, and makes breathing laborious. Covers a 40ft area movesat 60mph.

The Veil 
The Djinn can conjure forth a dense white and gold spotted veil. It floats around her body and can be used to yank her to high surfaces, pull items, interact with the environment. Or serve as a tightrope for walking across chasms. 40ft Reach.

The Magicians trick

Reaching between her bosom, the caramel temptress yanks out a fluffy rabbit (Sir Schwoopy the valiant). This wholesome critter lets out the most adorable squeaks and will valiantly charge and headbutt an opponent. When doing so, the point of impact is a battering ram capable of snapping a femur. This animal can be killed like any hare and prances about at a sped akin to their earthly brethren. Can only summon one per turn, with a max of three. 

Crystal Ball

The gypsy can summon up to four crystal balls the size of a baseball (9.5 inches); this sphere will oscillate while orbiting her supple figure as she shakes her hips. Using her hands, she can steer it to a target after launching it at high speeds straight ahead, or can curve like a baseball. After hitting the target, or snapping those fingers, the orb will move back to its starting position. Capable of blocking arrows or deflecting slashing and piercing weapons. Blunt will cause it to hit the floor and roll back to the starlet. Hitting with the force threefold that of a Warhammer. 200ft travel distance at 90mph. (Fastest baseball pitch was 105.1 MPH, longest throw 445ft and 10 inches.)