Universal/General info.



The structures within the desert are comprised of 96% stone quarried from the mountains and other deposits. Aside from this, stray/mud homes are inhabited by the peasants. And those often living on the fringes of society. Wood is rare, given the climate. And only the wealthiest use it for their homes. The sands do not have windows, as in comprised of glass They instead use a lattice-like system to secure their dwellings. Architecture-wise, they look akin to middle eastern designs, with some Mongolian influences sprinkled throughout. The only exception would be the toadstool towers within the Fungal forest.




The primary means of transportation besides foot are the following.


1) Beetle/Centipede/ Isopode mounts. (THERE ARE NO HORSES)


2) Boats via Obsidian, Emerald, Sandslout, and Crystal town ports.


3) The giant Centipede railway connects Sandslout, Nirvana, Ashtown, Crystal town, the Eternal expanse, and the Obsidian Canyon. (Middle-class transit and above.)

The technology


The desert is known for harnessing crystals that originate from the core of the planet. These natural formations are imbued with the world's energy and resonate out a "mist" of arcane particles. In and of themselves, they hold little use, but when agitated within an oscillating chamber, they collide and release energy. This energy is gathered within a focusing crystal and discharged through a series of pipings. These pipes run along the cities and hamlets dotted throughout the world. This byproduct can be used to flicker crystal lighting structures, heat water, and provide other basic amenities. They do not possess wiring, nor do they have clockwork or piston mechanisms.


These power sources are harvested underground and have recently begun to be germinated within facilities within all significant territories. Destroying one of these crystalline batteries will cause the energy to disperse harmlessly. They CAN'T be used as explosives, and you can't appropriate them as a method to restore your mana pool or amplify your power.



The following section will be broken into two sections: low to middling economic status. And then those who are wealthy, part of a faction or military.




The everyday local who might be predisposed to detrimental situations can be seen donning leather armor with chitinous bone. The exoskeleton material is farmed from the indigenous giant insects of the realm. It is preferred because it is easy to repair and affordable while offering ample protection from low-energy impact weapons such as Daggers and the predators of the desert. 


Chain, scale, plated steel, or iron is favored by those of the upper echelons or military. The suits are tailored to hug around the wearer's frame perfectly, offering security at a virtually nonexistent cost of mobility. These suits of metal are often decorated with intricate patterns if the individual is a person of note. They periodically include gold and silver plating with a complex crest throughout the shielding.


Both protective layers are often accompanied by fungus lamps that they burn for light or warmth. Mushroom waterskins and, of course, cloth to shield their faces from the sand or ash storms.




Materials range from bone to steel—most of the lower class use up to bronze. At the same time, those financially well-off or members of the great houses are observed brandishing iron or steel tools.


Below is a list of weapons manufactured within this setting.



Scimitar, khopesh, talwar, shamshir, sabre, kilij, katana and qama.



Mace, Warhammer, Eskrima Sticks, Gurz, Hanbo, Mughal, Bo staff, Shareeravadi, Tabarzin, Bhuj, 



Composite bow, Short bow, Crossbow, Casterguns, Nzappa zap, Throwing Knives, Javelin, Slingshot, throwing darts.



Spear, Halberd, Saintie, Glaive

Caster Guns

---How they work.---


Casterguns use an oscillating chamber to draw on the stone's magical properties, as well as elemental crystals and a focusing gem to produce the projectile. THEY MAKE NO SOUND, other than traveling through the air so no bang, no smoke and have little to no recoil. They were created by the Goatkin tribe but stolen by the satyrs. Due to recent innovations under Zanryue's watch, the caster guns have received various improvements; I will now list the following to help you build a caster gun character. The sands never went with gunpowder, as it proved too volatile, and caster gun development was far more powerful than any conceivable early traditional gun model. It is important to note that caster guns do less damage than their spell counterparts but gain range and less consumption of mana as benefits. They can be charged to amplify their damage by 50% per turn, more than 2 turns, and they will explode in the hands of the wielder. Attacks are formulated using the crystals inside with a portion of one's chi/magic, causing the crystal to resonate with the user.


Meaning they cost half the magic of a spell, one doesn't need to know an element to use the ammunition, they need to dump their energy into it, and the crystal naturally does the rest. Throwers, Blunderbuss, and tubers were created by the Zanryue to broaden their war and combat use further.


Type of crystals and what they do.

Ammunition reloads rates, aka how often you have to replace the crystal.

New charging shot innovation to hit close range targets dispelling the 7ft limitation, only as a CHARGED attack.


The types of caster guns and their range limitations as well as how they behave. Their strengths and weaknesses.

1- Ruby crystals -Fireballs if rifle or revolver, fire gout if a thrower, and a fiery concussive explosive force if a blunderbuss.


2- Emerald crystals- Toxin injecting shard if revolver or rifle, Acid if a thrower, a concussive force was leaving poison mist if Blunderbuss.


3-Obsidian crystals- A shard of stone the pierce if revolver same with a rifle, if thrower gout of mud that instantly hardens on the target, suffocating them if not broken free from. If a blunderbuss, a bunch of 1/10th inch jagged spike shoots out in a cone shape covering a 3-foot radius.


4- Aquamarine crystal- A needle of ice if rifle or revolver, a freezing mist if thrower and a five-inch cannonball of ice if blunderbuss.


5- White crystals- A narrow beam of hard light (Does not move the speed of light.) that burns the target if revolver or rifle, If a thrower, a gout of searing white lights that roasts from the inside out, unlike fire. If a blunderbuss, it will fire a cone of the morning. It can be blocked by solid material like walls or stone or plate, bones, or wooden armor, not impacted by cloth or leather


Crystals recharge rates, it takes a turn to replace crystals or swap to another weapon.


Revolvers last the longest, sacrificing some distance and scale for longevity. 6 rounds, or three charged shots.

Rifles- 4 rounds, 2 charged shots.

Throwers- 2 rounds, can not be charged.

Blunderbuss- 3 rounds or 1 charged shot. (edited)


The types of caster guns and their range limitations as well as how they behave. The strengths and weaknesses general outline.



Revolvers have a max range of 60ft, are the weakest, last the longest, and can be dual-wielded. They are also the most brittle, unable to be used to block any attacks without compromising the weapon. But have rounded bottoms at the handles to bop opponents who get close.



Rifles have the longest reach, capable of reaching 100ft if charged, 80ft if not. They are capable of blocking iron weapons and come with a bayonet attached to the front to assist with close-range combat. Blunt weapons will compromise them, and can only be wielded by both hands.



Flame throwers are the easiest way to mentally grasp these weapons. They fire streams of energy, reaching 25ft in length and one foot in width, and are heavy weighing 100lbs They do not use a tank system, instead a large oscillating generator on the back of the wielder, the hose can be cut removing its offensive capabilities till mended by replacing the tube



This caster gun has a max range of 30ft, firing in a 10 ft cone at its peak. The body can block bladed weapons, even steel, but are vulnerable to blunt attacks. The Blunderbuss has unique features that permit the user to tap into their own life essence for an emergency to fire a single shot extra, anything beyond that will kill the caster.



These weapons are launchers that fire alchemical bombs across the battlefield. The ammunition is held in glass spheres, launch in an arc pattern, and can travel up to 50 feet. Firebombs explode and leave fire on the field for 2 turns, poison is a toxic mist, lightning is a stunning blast with lingering shocks that sit for 2 turns, and light blinds and does second-degree burns on the exposed flesh. Ice freezes targets. They are propelled through the use of their wielder's mana. All ranges are 25ft in radius.






Alchemy is the precursor to chemistry. When it comes to the plant life of the world, they run similar to what you'd find on earth within each climate. Grass hasn't evolved yet. Ferns make up the bulk of vegetation along with mushrooms and trees. Flowers have recently (within a thousand years) started to appear due to natural changes in the climate. Alchemy takes vegetation and organs and combines them to create "tonics." These tonics DO NOT grant superpowers, instantly heal wounds, or other such absurd claims. They are natural salves to help with burns, drinks limiting headaches, and slightly lower fevers. Medicinal applications are simple here. There is no massive pharmaceutical structure or hospital system given the world's current progression. Incendiary, poisons, and volatile gases can also be created. Though when it comes to toxins, they are not lethal in 10 minutes.