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Full Name: Florentina Jorgenskull


Nicknames: Flora


Titles: Butcher of humanity, Pulverizer of wills, Grand Inquisitor, Head of the Red Sap, The Diva, Wise woman of the shell, the Tortoise monk, Conqueror of Sandslout, The Golden Thorn, Vanguard of the north, the Brood bitch.


Race: Giantess


Gender: Female


Day of Birth: unknown


Age: 40

Hair: Blonde


Skin: White

Eyes: Emerald

Height: 11' (Can be 5-16ft pending if she uses her powers.)

Weight: 1300Lbs

Place of Residence: The Jungle

Place of Birth: The Jungle

Occupation: Member of the red Sap.

Alignment: Neutral

Relationship: Single

​Sexual Orientation: Men are for breeding, women are for romance.

Personality: Stern, Cold, Demanding

Appearance: Tall, muscular with flawless skin.

Distinctive Marks: Birthmarks

Traits: Analytical, perceptive, well-read, faithful, dutiful, no-nonsense work ethic.

Faults: Headstrong, Arrogant, cold-hearted, bloodthirsty, power-hungry, demeaning, and an all-around reprehensible being.

​Senses: Racial Abilities

Weakness- Werewolves or any primal or warrior races as she is drawn to their animalistic cultures.

Equipment- Turtle bone armor the skeletal regions are dyed black, while the white gaps are spider webbings to allow for flexibility and durability.


Weapons: Three turtle shells on her back which she uses to house water to bathe, deflect blows or it can be hurled (Like a frisbee) and explode. The Shell follows her bone explosive effects mentioned within the ability section.

Martial style- Muay Thai

Social Information.


​Family: Valerna Jorgenskull (mom)

Tityana Jorgenskull (Sister)

Bersia Jorgenskull (sister)


Idols: Valerna Jorgenskull


Alliances: Coalition

Verdant Dynasty


Mentors: None


Friends:Watari Devante

Enemies: The Eternal House

Tityana Jorgenskull

Bersia Jorgenskull


Basic Information

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