These behemoths are often depicted as dim-witted beings who viciously defend their ever-dwindling borders. These shelled monstrosities are renowned for their physical brawn and valor on the battlefield—the last race within the jungle to bend the knee to the Verdant Dynasty. These monolithic reptilians dwell within the necrotic swamplands and the neighboring trees. Despite historically clashing with the Toadlins, they see them as worthy rivals. What started as warfare done out of spite, has evolved into a measuring contests between both species. They are often found defending ruins and bridges, demanding resources as a toll for safe passage. They are loyal to Florentina Jorgenskull, referring to her as the "Wise woman of the shell." Using the giant leeches originating from her body as both a weapon and a detection system. This recent union has facilitated harmony with the toadlins, as they now fight under the same banner. 

Their speech is lacking when it comes to the common tongue, coming off as both broken and slow. Their stature and physical might have merited them a reputation for being equal to the Giants when it comes to being warriors—throwing rocks, launching alchemical rounds from their backs, and swinging large blunt weapons. These waddling horrors leave heaps of paste behind wherever they may do battle.  As a hatchling, they are taken and sorted into three primary "vocations." Warriors, spiritual leaders (Politicians), or gatherers (Alchemist.) These turtles see the world as one large shell, supported by a giant log, and that the moon is a big rock they long ago flung into the heavens. The turzien's believe the world will end when the sun is blown out, leading to a perpetual hibernation. When one of their kind dies, they seal them within their shells and let them float down the river into the sea. They practice this funeral rite under the assumption that once they hit the salty waters, their spirits will join their aquatic mother and placate her wrath. 

When it comes to magic, they favor earth—seeing their ability to manipulate the soil as evidence that their species originated from mud. Due to their poor hearing, these reptilians loathe fast talkers. They consider their quick tongues as some attempt to disseminate confusion to manipulate them. Whenever not hunting or warring, they can be found sitting on rocks, eating hallucinogenic truffles as they venture to commune with the roots and bog. Whenever a stranger roams into their domain, if unshelled, they often will refer to them as "soft backs." When it comes to romance, they usually try to bang their lover's shells with a stick. If she likes the echo, she will lay her eggs in the wet earth as the men fertilize them and safeguard them till they hatch. The males raise the young, while the women are appreciated for depositing the hatchlings.