Full Name: Valerna Jorgenskull (real name, Cicilly Del'Henberheim.)

 Nicknames: Vally girl, the boobarian (A joke name amongst close friends.)

 Titles: Breaker of wills. shatterer of bones, Weaver of webs,

Scriber of flesh, Queen of the Verdant Dynasty, The Spider.

 Race: Giantess tainted by Eldritch magic, possessing an Arachnid visage.

 Gender: Female 

Day of Birth: unknown

Age: 2070​

Hair: Auburn

Skin: White​

Eyes: Amber

Years of play: Since 2005 (Real life time).​

Height: 12' (Can be 6-18ft pending if she uses her powers.)​

Weight: 1500Lbs​

Place of Residence: The Jungle

Place of Birth: The Jungle​

Alignment: Neutral​

Relationship: Married (Polyagamous)

​Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Personality:  Valerna is methodical; she takes her time threading her linguistical web while she observes those around her. And while her species might be famed for their ferocity. The chieftain mastered control over her lesser impulses. This temperament further facilitates her reserve deportment. That soft series of pushes she delivers is seldomly utilized with nefarious drives helming them. She has long since ascertained the nebulous nature of rectitude. She kept her moral compass aimed toward the realization of her envisionments. 

Perspicuity, strength, beauty, cleverness, and being well-mannered are all descriptors many have appropriated to sum up her character. And while such terminologies might suffice, they scarcely encapsulated the totality of her essence. Who is Valerna Jorgenskull? A vapid forerunner that is justifiably followed by the ever more pertinent and profound inquisition of what is she? But as a bellwether, one thing of certitude chimes outward. That honeyed idiosyncrasy is an equally valuable mechanism for her craft.

Appearance: Tall, voluptuous with flawless skin.​

Distinctive Marks: Her stupidly large bust. and absurd curves. Lip and tongue piercing.

Traits: Tactician, Honorable, Romantic, Well read.​

Faults: Stern, depressed, mildly paranoid

NonCombative Skills: Linguistically inclined, web harpist, Singer, Poet.​

​Senses: Racial Abilities

Weakness- Shows favoritism to beastkin and sentient monsterkin and finds their cultures fascinating. 

Equipment- Bone armor Magically modified to have 2x steel tensile strength, in the shape of an Arachnids carapace/Chitin. Asides from her fist, Valerna's favorite weapon is Macuahuitl.  

Martial Style: Muay Thai and using her spider rope to assist with hand to hand combat

Social Information.


​Family: Tityana Jorgenskull (Daughter)

Bersia Jorgenskull (Daughter)

Florentina Jorgenskull (Daughter)

Niazmina Jorgenskull (Wife, in pictures with her.)


Idols: None


Alliances: Coalition

Red Sap



Mentors: None


Friends:Watari Devante


Samara (Frenemies)

Enemies: The Defilement

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Valerna's Philosophy: 


Valerna was a slave from birth, predestined to grovel under the yoke of others. From a young age, she was stripped from her mother's bosom, forced to tarry and wallow within the darkest recesses of society's depravity. The master/mistress she served changed, and with it, the languages she spoke and customs she swore fealty to rang insipidly. With each new post, the mind grappled, clawing desperately to assemble some semblance of purpose-identity, that one commodity and luxury taken for granted by so many was never bestowed to this auburn-maned beauty. Uprooted without culture, the unassuming child had to fashion her personage from the somber pits of her thraldom.


It was through the utterances of her tongue, the way she spoke, that punishment could be diverted. This awareness sowed a seed, one that would take time to germinate. Words, while immaterial, held power exceeding that of the whip- the hearts and souls of men could be bent with just a suitable series of subtle pushes. Those perceptive amber eyes, peering beyond the mask her overlords wore. Her saga of woe, while perpetual, would expire and turn a new chapter. While most might solicit strength through their muscles, inferring that the sacking of cities and the butchery of their foes were the pinnacles of power, Valerna reached a wholly differing conclusion, recognizing merit in the pursuance of a contrary route.

One's tools, if so finite, were destined only to crumble in due time. The Giantess didn't dispute the necessity for such savageness- no, instead, she queried if their over-prescribed nature was judicious? Language led to knowledge, and it was through reading, that the true scope of her world gradually slithered into view: Any chimp can crush a skull; any fool can ransack a hamlet; even a modest mage can set an establishment ablaze. What was it that the former Matrons lacked, and what made a good queen? 


Wisdom was what they all lacked. And what is wisdom? Knowledge, and its proper application. The capacity to ascertain when to push, speak, tread carefully, or even sow seeds of chaos within one's ranks. In Valerna's eyes, the purest form of dominion isn't the sword at the throat to make men bend their knees. But, persuading them to fling themselves onto the blade, only to be grateful during their expiring breath.

What is a life? What is death?

To an immortal being (age), the meaning of these words takes on a very different form. To Valerna, life is an exchange between individuals, not of worldly attainments but immaterialism. To be more precise, it is the pollination of memories and feelings. Given this conclusion, she doesn't rule for her legacy or governs for power alone. Instead, the spider strives to girdle all within her protective web to ease the ephemeral embers that are their existence. Through this sheltering and the advancement of technology and culture, the denizens might know a better life, no matter how fleeting. She vicariously gleans satisfaction in their smiles, understanding that while perhaps unimportant in the eyes of the cosmos, she had a hand in the construction of a more leisurely journey.

To Valerna, death is something she can't fully understand. She doesn't waste her time constructing ideal paradises waiting beyond the veil. To her, one's expiration is an event of joy mixed with tears that many define as mourning. Nevertheless, having meandered this bitter world, she has come to see the purpose of our cessation. Life is a prison, but death is a release.

All things die not once but thrice.

The first passing occurs when the body dies.
The second comes to fruition once the corporeal form is returned to the earth.
And the final and often overlooked layer of death is nuanced. It transpires when no one recalls your name or deeds.

This is why she carries her locket. Inside it is housed the diamond remains of her fallen children. That way, she will never forget their faces and their stories. To Valerna, this implies as long as she holds them dear and basks them within a mother's love, her deceased offspring will never truly die. It's a reminder that everyone goes away in the end. And that her empire is dust unless she can make others' lives a bit easier. But the only thing that doesn't vanish is the hole and the hurt death leaves in its path. That vacuous void may only be filled not with sorrow. But the flickering memories of better days and moments that are eternally shared...


Jungle Faction Lore: 


The Verdant Dynasty

The Verdant Dynasty is a collection of races united under the Jorgenskull rule and guided by a series of principles. This coalition forged to battle off their world's harsh climate, the unforgiving jungle necessitating unity or face potential extinction. All those part of this alliance contributes their resources to the whole, as each species maintains autonomy over their territories. They offer their young as soldiers and 10% resources to add to the pot in exchange for protection and technology. In turn, it brought harmony to a once turbulent realm, disseminating ideas and cultures as their differences slowly started to wane.  Recently their Cheiftan Valerna set her eyes on the sands, envious of their technology, yet seeing the potential threat. As oppose to conquer them, the Dynasty longs to assimilate the denizens into their ranks.


The group was envisioning a united realm in which tranquility can be achieved. Despite using wood and bone as the core of their society, they managed to keep up through magic implementation. They were rivaling that which had been achieved by the metal-based sands to the south. Valerna secured the Goatkin to assist with the dispersing of new armaments and life-altering tech. After playing the long game, manipulating events she did not set into motion, using language, and pitting the uncivilized southern region against one another. The Matron sowed enough discord to weaken their resolve, as infighting thinned out the herd. This, in turn, permitted the Verdant Dynasty to slip in once the Empire had fallen, and the Beastkin were licking their self-inflicted wounds.


Three years of insurrections followed, which eventually did wane, as a decade of prosperity and tranquility follow. The longest era of peace within the desert's bloody history.



The order of the Red Sap.

The Red Sap order is an enigmatic group, bent on the mastery of magical and alchemical principles. Often found strung throughout the thick Jungle and the outer rim, growing their trees of flesh to extract their favored Red sap. Using the Mothkela moondust to produce a potent narcotic, this drug is said to confer them clairvoyance into aspects of the world, surpassing perception. While in this heavenly state, the mages can become untethered by the anxieties of this world, delivering their consciousness and bestowing them with the utmost efficiency in their arts. This thick syrup can be used to amplify their magic and extend resources by glazing the material or mixing the nectar with alchemical reagents to bolster effects. A secret only entrusted to a few to prevent the abuse of their most fastidious resource.  This cult is often seeking new applications, for knowledge is temporary, but the glory of the Jorgenskull is forever.



The structures of the Verdant Dynasty are either stone, wood, or most common Bone with spider webbings. Their abodes are built like pyramids, keeping a triangle-like shape. Meanwhile, their windows are screened via the silk from their domesticate arachnids. The Jorgenskulls enhance the bone plating to be akin to steel. Their homes are sturdy, nearly fireproof, and the web system allows them to take them down and rebuild them up to relocate in the event of a looming disaster.




The primary means of transportation besides foot are the following.


1) Reptilian mounts, Arachnids. (No Horses)


2) Boats via Hearth of the earth, The Outer Rim, and the skeletal highway and river transportation that leads to Fingers, Lunar, Boneyard, Ironbark.


3) Beneath the jungle are long tunnels filled with spiders who scurry along the network transporting goods and people between ALL settlements. The ceiling is covered in their webbings, and their large bodies are attached with ironbark structures/platforms used to haul products and personal. The swarm of arachnids guards this labyrinth, along with armed units who accompany them during their voyages 'neath that canopy of rock

Verdant Dynasty Government


The Verdant Dynasty is an umbrella state. It forms a parliament where each species is given a platform to air its grievances. The local leaders of the races assemble within various cities to discuss qualms and policies. In short, the positions of power are held by representatives of its residents. The diverse nation-states will have two to four mediators specializing in different fields to ensure their viewpoints are heard and entertained. A voting system holds all proceedings and decisions to guarantee a favorable outcome.


This has encouraged the extension of olive branches with the aim of currying favor amongst the vastly distinct races comprising the jungle. They're all Jorgenskull, proceeded by their perspective heritage within their minds. A camaraderie that has trickled down to even the lowliest of social classes, facilitating a more serene integration. Adopting one another's holidays, language, and culture gives way to a unity that transcends their stark visual differences. The continued prosperity of the Dynasty supersedes their territories.


This confederation has led to the officials observing their southernly neighbors as progenitors of chaos. Cultural pollination has resulted from such dealings, further bolstering a sense of fellowship and universal identity. If a dispute should arise that leads to a tie, the Matron is called to shatter such standstills. Within their system, the role of "Queen" holds little power. The monarch's influence is kept at a minimum to prevent corruption within their senate. And while she can make proposals, the chieftain is beholden to the committee's determinations. The rationale behind such a unique leadership structure is that absolute power corrupts. And it's less likely that a collective of ambassadors will fall prey to such taints and that wisdom can be found within a multitude over a singular person.


If a member should present themselves as a threat, a hearing will be called. Should such allegations be substantiated, they will be executed for endeavoring to disrupt the equilibrium of the Verdant Dynasty.





Below is a summary concerning law and how its upheld. The setting is old world. If caught violating a crime within the jungle, a guard (Another OC or a mod/admin will play the NPC.) will stand as the judge. The "trial" will be conducted on the spot. The player character will be given a chance to represent themselves. This isn't modern times, so the lack of evidence can work for or against you. If the character can verify their innocence by convincing the guard, they will be exonerated. If not, punishment will occur. 

Penalties include the removal of a limb/flesh, execution. Resisting or attacking a guard will lead to a swift termination unless you can defend or escape. The guards are seen as an extension of the crown, so disrespect or aggression is lumped as treason. Keep in mind metagaming and godmodding ARE NOT ALLOWED. If you write your OC is uncharismatic, suddenly becoming a silver tongue devil will be ignored given that isn't the character standing trial. Always stay IC.

The jungle differs as a trial is down with the alleged criminal bound. A scale is brought out, and weights are placed on it. For each charge cleared, the token will be removed. Whatever (if any is left) will be used to gauge the price. At which point, the guilty party will be given the choice of where to start cutting. A dull bone knife is used to strip flesh/limbs until the debt to society is paid. Below is a list of crimes.


All values are 3x if a giant. 2x for larger races such as Turzien. Base for smaller races. 

Tax evasion (.5-10 lbs)
Theft (1-5 lbs)
Assault (2-10 lbs)
Murder (Death)
Sexual misconduct/assault/pedophilia (Genital mutilation)
Slavery (Death)
Disturbing order (.5-2 lbs.)
Openly disrespecting the establishment (1-15lbs)
Terrorism (Death)
Slander (.5-3lbs)
Lying to a guard/Willingly withholding information (1-6 lbs)
Illegal arms transport/ Illegally possessing weapons not  authorized to civilians (A limb)
Militarized mounts without authorization (Death)
Tampering with the infrastructure/tech/genetic material or sabotage (A limb-death)
Property damage (.5-20lbs)
Arson (Death)
Kidnapping (Death)
Forced labor (Death)
Debt abuse (1-10lbs)
Interfering with state authorities (1-10lbs)
Trespassing (1-3 lbs)
Lockpicking (1-3lbs)
Illegal trafficking of any goods, animals, or people (Limb-death)
Cooking books (limb)
Replicating documentation (Death)
Defacing official documentation (Limb)
Environmental devastation (Limb-Death)

All those found guilty are branded. Treating any wounds sustained will result in both the healer and the offender being executed should it become known. 

Giant Lore: 


The giants started as a nomadic society, dealing with the Mothkela as they were forced to bend the untamed land to their will. Spending generations understanding the harsh climate, taming its beast, and gaining a resilience to toxin and disease through a forced evolutionary process that resulted in half their kin perishing. Only the strong survived, as the Matron instilled in her people a sense of honor and respect for their opponents. The jungle's toadlin's proved their most worthy adversary, as the clan was forced to procreate in large quantities to replenish their lost brethren.  Eventually, they combined enchantment processes with their proclivity toward using their energy to manipulate flesh and bone. The giants believe that the world is a carcass. And that all life comes from the ashes of the fallen. A system of death and birth forever in a loop, as history and people repeat themselves in various incarnations.

They seek to peer into their dead remains for guidance, as they believe that organs, bone, and blood are the keys to unlocking the potential buried inside. As a result, they specialize in flesh magic, altering their form, endurance, strength, and the remains of the fallen. Taking parts of the dead prey as they fuse it with their body, as such, they can be witnessed having mammoth tusks, extra limbs, or even stingers. The additional growth remains inactive until they feed their energy into it, replenishing them if removed or not properly maintained. Their most significant import to the sands is lumber, lugging large carts full of cut trees as their arachnoid mounts carry the precious material to crystal town to be purchased and delivered by the merchant ships. Using the wealth to obtain vital resources and continue the growth of their settlement. Painting their bodies in their deads dyed blood, tattooing their cremated remains onto the skin, as symbols of their accomplishments that they carry into battle. It's rumored they can alter their size and parts of their body, that the most influential walk around loosely clothed with absurdly large features from genitalia to limbs, as a display of their inner power and mastery of their craft. 

They prefer to use axes, warhammer, bows, and caster arms fitted for their larger bodies. Treating their armaments as if they were an extension of their extremities, believing one's weapon to be a continuation of their will, and never seen without it at their side.  The giants take the carcasses, be it enemy, ally, or prey, and use them to construct elaborate structures of bone. They are utilizing the skin as they tan it into leather linings to coat their dwellings' interior. The roofs are shaped like a crab's shell, the walls pure skeletal structures with protruding ribs serving as columns for support, crafting weapons from the bones purchased with the coin from trading, crafting the dead into weapons, armors, and explosive-like devices. Hearkening to the Matron of the tribe for wisdom, when their ruler expires, their skeletal remains are utilized to add to their throne as the next leader sits on it, symbolizing their knowledge and power passing on. Those in command deemed unworthy are not granted this most sacred right, having their corpse left outside to be feasted on by carrions.


Crystal Technology

The jungle is known for harnessing crystals that originate from the core of the planet. These natural formations are imbued with the world's energy and resonate out a "mist" of arcane particles. In and of themselves, they hold little use, but when agitated within an oscillating chamber, they collide and release energy. This energy is gathered within a focusing crystal and discharged through a series of pipings. These pipes run along the cities, and hamlets darted throughout the world. This byproduct can be used to flicker crystal lighting structures, heat water, and provide other basic amenities. They do not possess wiring, nor do they have clockwork or piston mechanisms. 

These power sources are harvested underground and have recently begun to be germinated within facilities within all significant territories. Destroying one of these crystalline batteries will cause the energy to disperse harmlessly. They CAN"T be used as explosives, and you can't appropriate them as a method to restore your mana pool or amplify your power.



The following section will be broken into two sections: low to middling economic status. And then those who are wealthy, part of a faction or military.


The lower class often sports the skins, feathers, and scales of quarry stitched throughout the armor is hardened bone strengthened via the Giant's mastery over flesh magic or segments of ironbark wood. The fortified parts often depict the wildlife that inhabits the primordial bosom of the world.


The soldiers and influential members of their society are wrapped in spider silk armor, with bone molded to resemble a tortoiseshell pattern layered top.





Macuahuitl,Kaskara, shashka, Norman long sword, Zweihander, Tecpatl, Machete, Kindjal


Macuahuitl, Warhammer, Mace, kelepy, chekany



Spear, Swordstaff, Billhook, sovnya, Woomeera



Hornet Grenade, throwing darts, slings, longbows, casterguns, dart guns, bola, Nzappa zap, Woomeera

Spider/Bone Technology

The Verdant Dynasty has evolved down a unique path, mastering more "primal" elements of nature and coupling it with their ingenuity to deliver outstanding solutions to the ordeals that beset their society. As a people, they harness their capacity to alter bone to devise protective shielding and armaments. This osseous tissue is twice as resilient as steel and is virtually fireproof, given skeletal material can withstand temperatures up to 8,000 degrees Fahrenheit. They coat their bodies and structure in this precious material, mass breed animals, and utilize the dead to meet their demands. Nothing is wasted. All organic material is meticulously recycled to better the collective.

Blood and bodily fluids are appropriated to devise alchemical weaponry that discharges a boiling mist of a putrid concoction. The skin is dried and is used for books, wallpapers, and other such needs. Adipose is gathered for their vile alchemical weaponry and amassed as a fuel source. The dung is positioned in heaps and either shoveled off for the putrid creation to ward off attackers, or it can be employed to farm methane. The Verdant Dynasty also has factories operated by the denizens for the mass production of Caster guns and their precious spider silk. This organic fiber is the strongest natural material, ranging from 5-10x stronger than high-grade steel, depending on the species of giant arachnid it is harvested from.

The Dynasty spin this thread to weave armor, building materials, nettings, medicinal supplies, and militaristic technologies. The meshing is incorporated into parachutes, stitching materials, dressings to stop bleeding, rope, clothing, netting for war and civilian applications. They also form giant slings to launch weapons, troops, or goods across great distances. The webbings are also constructed for aquatic/naval purposes. They include laying nets to catch and stop vessels and the creation of suits that hold air to allow underwater travel. 

Additionally, the Verdant Dynasty has tamed giant turtles to function as transportation for military and civilian use. They swim across the river and sea carrying troops and ferrying goods/people. On their backs are large caster cannons, of which there are two variants. One that expells arcane-based artillery, and another that releases their searing alchemical fog of bodily liquids. On the front of their shells are hooks of bone that are launched to tether their crafts to naval threats to permit easier bordering. These behemoths are shielded by a layer of earth or bone, with a sweater of spider filigree layered over their exterior. Given their ability to transition on land and sea seamlessly (with some species allowing underwater applications.), they, along with spiders and other reptilian mounts, are the favored method of land-based transportation


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