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Then I shall suffer it all with a smile

so that others may taste bliss.

If I am to wallow in despondency

But through this woe, I find meaning.

My story is an odyssey of misfortune.

Basic Information

Full Name: Valerna Jorgenskull (real name, Cicilly Del'Henberheim.)


Nicknames: Matron of Clan Jorgenskull


Titles: Breaker of wills. shatterer of bones, Weaver of webs,

Scriber of flesh, Queen of the Verdant Dynasty, The Spider.


Race: Giantess tainted by Eldritch magic, possessing an Arachnid visage.


Gender: Female


Day of Birth: unknown


Age: 1670

Hair: Auburn


Skin: White

Eyes: Amber

Years of play: Since 2005.

Height: 12' (Can be 6-18ft pending if she uses her powers.)

Weight: 1500Lbs

Place of Residence: The Jungle

Place of Birth: The Jungle

Alignment: Neutral

Relationship: Married

​Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Personality: Stern, Rigid, Bloodthirsty

Appearance: Tall, muscular with flawless skin.

Distinctive Marks: Her stupidly large bust. and absurd curves. Lip and tongue piercing.

Traits: Tactician, Honorable, Romantic, Well read.

Faults: Stern, Wrathful, mildly paranoid

NonCombative Skills: Linguistically inclined, web harpist, Singer, Poet.

​Senses: Racial Abilities

Weakness- Werewolves or any primal or warrior races as she is drawn to their animalistic cultures.

Equipment- Bone armor Magically modified to have 2x steel tensile strength, in the shape of an Arachnids carapace/Chitin.  And two Giant bone axe scaled up to 8ft reach due to her height.

Social Information.


​Family: Khavati Jorgenskull (Wife)

Tityana Jorgenskull (Daughter)

Bersia Jorgenskull (Daughter)

Florentina Jorgenskull (Daughter)


Idols: None


Alliances: Coalition

Leech alliance


Mentors: None


Friends:Watari Devante

Enemies: The Defilement

"I do not know what happens after death. And while I have stood at the bedside of many passings and witnessed the ghost escape from one's vessel innumerable times. I never once considered the concept of an afterlife. No, we only live on through the memories of those we leave behind. And to be forced to tarry onward for perpetuity, that is a fate that weighs more onerous on one's soul than facing oblivion."

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