Racial Abilities: 

Spider form- Due to her interaction with the totem of evolution, an Eldritch Edifice that plagued the jungle as it hovered above the trees. Her flesh and chi became tainted by the otherworldly spatial anomaly. It resulted in a mutation permitting the immortal Giantess to don an arachnid form. The chieftain sprouts eight feelers (From the spine), allowing her to scale walls and employ them to grapple prey and block/parry blows. The body is embellished in a reddish bone mold with a crown resembling chitin, following the same restrictions expressed throughout the sheet for her skeletal material. (See Magic section) The hemocyanin in her blood makes it blue. Humans have red blood because the molecule attached to the oxygen contains iron. For spiders, the molecule attached to the oxygen contains copper, which alters their hemoglobin's hue.

Valerna can fire strands of webs from the tips of those spider ligaments, which she can use to trap her meals, pull herself to higher terrain, grab an item, web sling, or attempt to escape an attack. Alternatively, with enough time, she can spin a web most useful as a setup before an engagement due to the three-turn duration this arduous process takes. These sprouted extremities are composed of pure osseous matter and can be impacted by the spinner's skill set, serving as an extension of her will. A spider’s muscles pull its legs inward, but cannot extend its legs out again. Instead, it must pump a watery liquid into its ligaments to push them outward. A dead spider’s extremities are curled up because there is no fluid to extend the legs again. This is how she retracts and expands them.


This manifestation permits the weaver of webs to communicate and subjugate spiders to serve as mounts or pets. Lastly, this Araneae consumes the blood of her prey and slurps up their innards as a delectable soup for nourishment. Be it a man or a cow; all can provide sustenance to the vessel.

Spider Webs/Physical Brawn: All of what is about to be listed is based solely on real-life spider capabilities. If you find this OP, blame God or evolution, not me. If you can have your magic, I can have my facts to construct a character. For its weight, spider silk is stronger than high-grade steel (5-10x depending on species). This organic material is one of the most unbreakable known natural fibers in the world, industries are exploring its potential for making bulletproof garments. Above all, arthropod threads are light and flexible. Given the thickness of the web is 3inches, and spiderman's is 1mm, he can stop 3,142 Newtons. When properly adjusted for the overall volume it can halt upward of 18,239,084.1889 Newtons (On Earth with real webbings and physics no magic applied.). Some arachnoids eat their webs and then reuse them; Valerna is one such Arachnid.


We usually see spider silk as solid webs, but their trappings come in liquid form. Once this spider silk comes in contact with the air, it hardens. This allows the Araneae to build their webs. She can fire these ropes, a max distance of 530ft at 90mph or 132fps meaning in 4 seconds it will hit max distance. In contrast, tiny spiders in real life have been known to launch them at 80ft (Can provide a citation.). This silk may hoist upward to 3,500 lbs above their head or with her webs. The leggings of these profound hunters operate independently from the brain. So the construction of such elaborate nettings can be woven independently. In summary, the ligaments have a mind of their own.

If you find this OP let me explain, an Arachnid the size of spiderman would be the same, wired has a good physics breakdown on it. In truth, this is a nerf, given her mass and delivery method it would go further and faster. But quantifying an unknown creature is outside my purview and expertise, so this would have to suffice.


Spider vision/senses: All of what is about to be listed is based solely on real-life spider capabilities. If you find this OP, blame God or evolution, not me. If you can have your magic, I can have my facts to construct a character. I have decided not to include the hairs, as they can detect photons, so she could feel you inhaling and exhaling to pinpoint your location across a 120ft radius, which I found to be overpowered. Instead, I opted to go with the Wolf spider's vision for clarity, with the fact that species of salticids (Jumping spiders) can see both UVA and UVB light and in the dark.


Spider jumping/agility: All of what is about to be listed are based solely on real-life spider capabilities. If you find this OP, blame God or evolution, not me. If you can have your magic, I can have my facts to construct a character. Jumping spiders use their abdomen muscles (Not legs) to bound across immense distances, over 50x their total length. This would be absurd, and so to keep some balance, I have decided to nerf her entire range to 60ft, which is roughly double that of the current human world record long jump held by Miguel Echevarria (8.83 meters). Her max speed is 40mph due to her athletics, use of extremities, and leg span.

Martial training- Due to her time in the jungle, her ears have been trained to pick up on the soft sounds of disturbances. As such, Valerna can detect the general direction of bowstrings being drawn, twigs snapping, foliage rustling, and footsteps within 250 feet of her location. The weaver has been trained extensively in hand-to-hand/martial weapons, capable of grappling, subduing, or assaulting her opponents with a barrage/flurry of powerful kicks/punches. She often utilizes this to take the fight to the ground, mount her opponents, and bash their skull open against the solid earth. Another favored method is to strangle and fracture the target's neck.  Her muscle memory honed through the centuries of combat; in short, fight first think later served her people well in the Sands and the Jungle climate. 



+50%- Resilience to poison, rot, and disease-based attacks due to living in the toxic jungle.

"I do not know what happens after death. And while I have stood at the bedside of many passings and witnessed the ghost escape from one's vessel innumerable times. I never once considered the concept of an afterlife. No, we only live on through the memories of those we leave behind. And to be forced to tarry onward for perpetuity, that is a fate that weighs more onerous on one's soul than facing oblivion."


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