Combat Skills/Description.

Description- Flesh magic is the ability to manipulate one's flesh, as well as that of the deceased. It is broken into two categories though only one applies here. Bolstering, the modification of one's body, and the grafting of STUDIED extremities onto the vessel. She cannot manipulate the tissue of another, as their chi/magical harmonization is not the same as such, outside of perhaps another bone gear (Depending on locational rules), she will be unable to influence or contort another host/PC vessel. However, if blood is on the ground, that no longer qualifies as being under the player's control. For balance's sake, blood on the body also can't be altered in any way. 


The osseous armor she wears is defensive (Able to deflect piercing/slashing as well as arrows/bolts much like Plate can), but is mainly offensive. Utilizing it for exploding of the pauldrons (For example) or forming new arrows/equipment from the material (Once ammunition or gear is extracted, the armor on the extremity is gone as it was consumed.). By default, the bone on her body and gear is always at 2x tensile strength of steel; once an object is manipulated, it stays as such. A way to understand this concept is how the bending of metals work, your character doesn't need to pour energy to maintain the smith's efforts.

All buffs last one turn if not specified otherwise, the exception being bone manipulation for the reasoning above. However, altering the shape of an item forever locks it, as constant manipulation will considerably wane the tensile effect. One alteration is acceptable, two means it's now just normal bone, three or above, it will become brittle and crumble in her hands. The strength buffs are focused on amplifying lifting and grip; her punches "breaking bones" is naturally existing strength assuming she is hitting a typical human, unprotected outside of the femur, which is the most rigid bone in the human body. Any such "claims" are subject to the opponent's physiology and, of course, their ability to describe said anatomy for their character. So if having bone akin to iron rods, her punches will no longer break them, but still, damage the soft organs and muscles of the body.

Alter Self (Racial)- The Giantess can use her Chi to decrease or increase her height by 50%. This allows her to blend in easier or increase her presence. While growing, her strength and endurance raises by an equal amount, while shrinking, she gains speed. Once the height is achieved, she can maintain it at no cost only able to alter her size once per fight.

Bone manipulation (Racial)- The Giant can alter any Bone Armor or Weapons by imbuing it with her Chi. Granting it the ability to be 2x tensile strength than steel or elongating their size and reach up to twofold. The Machiavelli can also make minor changes like curving them, adding spikes up to three inches in length, or exploding outward in fragmented debris like a claymore (130ft length 60ft in width.). Can also cause those Feelers/axes if barbed to oscillate at high frequency causing the teeth to tear through flesh like a chainsaw, The ends can become pointed like spears. The temptress can manipulate the calcium in her body, allowing her to coat the outside in a redbone armor from neck to toe.  Able to draw from the lactation stored within her large mammary glands, to expedite the creation of the armor
(Once per fight she can spawn her armor.)

Bodily Amagalation- All spilled bodily fluid, fat, muscles, or waste on the ground or adhered to a non-PC (Within 150ft) will be pulled inwards upon the currents of a crimson rivulet. The collected mass can be formulated into a repugnant boiling morbid gout (40ft long 20 ft wide, second degree burns) fired from her skeletal spiderling growths. Lastly, it can be culminated into a single cannon round (3ft in diameter) with 4-inch spikes and expelled at 130 mph toward the target. The material is solidified, akin to bronze, and can be launched 90ft.

Brood mother: Using the art of Binding (summoning), the manipulator can create four magical variants of Spiderlings, which the threader deploys onto the field to assist in combat. These 4ft tall/long 9ft wide minions can shoot webs (60ft) and pounce (90ft) onto their prey. If they land, they explode in a 50ft radius, dealing concussive damage and coating their target in boiling bodily soups. (3 turn cd)


Hemoglobin: Her Arachnid creations serve as ammunition, allowing the Giantess to meld them with her flesh magic. Ripping apart their bodies and generating a torrent of boiling blood, adipose, and tissue, the carapace becomes tiny shards of glass capable of shredding and embedding into exposed flesh if they fail to escape the influenced area. These cone-shaped deluges expand 80ft in distance, 10ft in height, and 40ft in width from either of her children. Alternatively, building on her bone manipulation, the dead spawn can serve as mines, sending bone shrapnel in a 60ft spherical spread. They are detonated via the clicking of her crowned mandibles or spider leggings.

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"I do not know what happens after death. And while I have stood at the bedside of many passings and witnessed the ghost escape from one's vessel innumerable times. I never once considered the concept of an afterlife. No, we only live on through the memories of those we leave behind. And to be forced to tarry onward for perpetuity, that is a fate that weighs more onerous on one's soul than facing oblivion."

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