The varenkuns are a rabbit humanoid species that inhabits the Fungal Forest. Everything they believe is tied to nature and its wonderment. The people here hold that life originated on a stone hurled across the sky, that when it crashed, brought with it an alien spore. This single remnant of an old-world started to grow; its germination led to its current reach. An area of land the denizens of the sands know only as Fungi Forest. The varenkun, from birth, are forced to ingest ceremonial spores produced from the toadstools. 

The Varenkun grow their houses from spores, pouring their mana into it to form elaborate spiraling towers connected by bridges of moss and vines. As a people, they revere scholarly, archeological, magical, alchemical, enchanting, and artistic pursuits. Wearing flamboyantly colored garbs, dousing themselves in gentle perfume, while playing their harps which ring throughout the toadstool wilderness. Debates are civil here, as resorting to violence is seen as a sign of ignorance. In contrast to the rest of the sands, they are often expelled or put on trial if an opponent is caught employing force. This doesn't mean they aren't capable of violence, it's just not their preferred avenue of approach. 

Their women are known for being some of the fairest in the land. They use this to infiltrate many cultures and positions of influence, to bend them politically to their vagaries. Aside from their love of magic, history, and knowledge, they have instituted a few assassin guilds to help contest unwanted challenges to their people or the forest before they can sufficiently bloom. In combat, they dance about and cast vibrant spells, believing that war and turmoil are artforms in and of themselves. The varenkun see marriage as a contract; love never enters their mind when choosing a partner. It is said there is no better example of beauty than their vivid attire, wondrous structures, and whimsical theatre and music. The dead are taken and placed in the earth as the fungus grows outward, eventually adding them to its mass, serving their new queen, as their future seems somewhat hopeful due to the jackal, mer, bovinite, and varenkun pact.

Faction- Their race.

Location- Fungal forest