These dog-like humanoids known for their fondness for war and conflict; even during quiet times, they will engage in small mock battles amongst themselves to test their mettle. They now inhabit the Obsidian Canyon due to Matsumota's take over and are fiercely loyal to the new regime. In their mind, they perceive ambivalence as a natural catalyst to purge the weak and empower the whole. Their warbands can be witnessed pulling portable forges, gathering all resources to make their signature glaives. The Wulfgar believe that one's glaive is a manifestation of their spirit, and the shattering of their weapon is symbolic of their dominance being pulverized.  They are honed into living weapons from a young age (5 years old), deducing that the realm belongs to the strong and not the ineffective.


This mentality has led to many disputes, resulting in their officers depreciating their enemies as they feel they are intrinsically lesser in prowess. Their history is kept through oral tradition, the uttering of throat singing to pass on legends and myths.  These warriors have a sense of honor while not chivalrous. But in the sense that what is earned is your birthright.  Having lived most of their lives in the volcanic heart of the land. The tribes have taken an affinity with fire, going as far as to burn their insignia onto their very flesh. Accumulating trophies from the fallen they deem worthy of remembrances, such as skulls and spines, or the skin of their foes, which they bleach white and keep in a shrine or fused with their armor. Most Wulfgar are often witnessed as mercenaries, soldiers, farmers, or bandits, seeking the inspiration of the hunt to substantiate their existence.


Marriage is done for political gain, interbreeding with other Wulfgar communities to form a bond. The average member never settles down, instead siring children to add to their ever-growing army. Those that do wed for alliance purposes are seen as making the ultimate sacrifice. Their formerly nomadic lifestyle has propagated a philosophy that such anchors impair a person. The Wulfgar are known for their beetle mounts, which use large mandible pincers to pick up their prey and cut them in half. Those denied or assumed not worthy to die or taste combat are cursed to work the earth to feed their forces. They also breed livestock and labor as points that the true wulfgar can stop, rest and stock up on supplies. Attacking a single member facilitating this vital function is seen as the most significant offense, resulting in them callously mutilating anyone in their way as they seek retribution. Few things are as terrifying as their war drums, followed by their throat songs and stampeding calvary, which shake the foundations of the planet.

Faction- The Beastkin Union

Location- Obsidian canyon for loyalist. The rest live in Ashtown, Sandslout, Crystal town.