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Zelena Timanti

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Due to Mature Thematic Elements.

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Character Belongs to Squid Quo Pro#0240 (Discord)

This sheet is meant to be viewed on PC, it will work on mobile but certain thematic elements will not be present. Her Bio will have 0 relevance to other characters, laboring only to influence the character's philosophy and their headspace while providing context should you require it. Before you continue to read, I will not modify my format, nor use google docs.

The data contained within should be enough to answer any and all queries one might be able to muster. If valid criticism is laid forth I will happily add it to the sheet or expound on anything that one might interrupt as sparse on details. I do not make characters lightly. Once I am acclimated with another universe, I will gladly construct a character for that setting. I see offworlders as an essential tool to best experience and evaluate any community.
 Made all the more sensible given how most communities wilt in under a year. 

Thank you for reading this, and I hope if nothing else, you enjoy what I have constructed within this profile.

Please Read the Below Message.

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